Setting Google Now reminders by voice is all very well when you’re walking down the street, but you can feel just a little self-conscious doing it in an open-plan office or coffee-shop. Google now allows you to add reminders by typing them directly into the searchbar on your laptop, reveals the Google Blog.

You don’t have to use the mobile Google Search app to add reminders. Just search Google for add reminder or create reminder, enter a name, a date or a place. You can also enter specific queries like: add reminder to buy milk tomorrow or create reminder to buy sandwich when I am in Chicago. Just click “remind me on Google Now” …

If you just type create reminder, Google will open up a box that prompts you for the reminder text and then either a time or a place. If you choose a place, a second searchbox opens which offers auto-complete in the usual way, making it quick and easy to select the place.


You need to be signed-in to your Google account to create reminders, which will pop up on your Android device at the appropriate time or place.

TNW notes that it doesn’t yet appear to have rolled out everywhere, but is currently working in the U.S. and UK. Please let us know in comments if it’s working in other countries.

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6 Responses to “Now you can set Google Now reminders in the desktop Google searchbar”

  1. Jay Seville says:

    not working for me on my updated chrome in the mac nor on my chromebook pixel. No dialog box opens up for me.

  2. Not working here. Chrome 37 beta on windows. Google account signed in.

  3. arminder06 says:

    Is there a way to view reminders in your desktop as well? I cannot seem to find a way to view the already created reminders.