As first reported by the Kansas City Star, several cable companies have started bumping up their internet speeds for customers, free of charge, in order to better compete with Google Fiber in Kansas City. Both Comcast and Time Warner announced changes for their internet packages.

Comcast customers in Kansas City who pay for speeds of 25 megabits a second will now see speeds of 50 megabits, while those paying for 50 megabits will see a more than double increase in speed to 105 megabits. Finally, customers already paying for 105 megabits per second will get up to 150 megabits with these new tiers.

Both Time Warner and Comcast say that their revised internet tiers will go into effect automatically over the next week, but anyone who wants to see the speed increase immediately can simply restart the modem.

With the availability of Google Fiber in Kansas City, it is obvious that companies like Time Warner Cable and Comcast have to do something to make their offerings more appealing to customers. Google Fiber offers 1 gigabit internet to homes in Kansas City for just $70, which is far cheaper and faster than anything Time Warner or Comcast offer. AT&T also recently signed an agreement with Kansas City to build out a fiber optic network to compete with Fiber, Time Warner, and Comcast.

Making the near monopolies that Comcast and Time Warner Cable have become compete to retain customers is certainly a good thing for consumers, and as Google Fiber continues its rollout to more cities, we can only expect other companies to follow suit and make alterations to their pricing tiers.

(via The Consumerist)

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4 Responses to “Comcast, Time Warner increasing customer speeds in Kansas City to better compete with Google Fiber”

  1. Ann Driod says:

    Google Fiber, please come to my town.

  2. I know this site is a little biased towards Google (duh), but correlation is not causation.

    Comcast speeds increases rolled out in markets outside of Kansas City earlier this year. Just ask anyone in Philadelphia, a city that has no access to Google Fiber.

    As a matter of fact, Comcast speeds have been bumped up (doubled in most cases) every year since 2002 thanks to improvements in networking technology, not because of Google Fiber. Please don’t spread biased opinions as facts if you’re not sure of your sources.

    • Is good to see that ISPs bump speeds but Google pushed things a bit by establishing a $70/Gigabit baseline with no caps. ISPs are heading towards caps and while some were boosting speeds, they were doing it only where convenient, they seem more aggressive now.

      BTW, I have Google Fiber in KC and it really does deliver near a Gbit up/down. Search ‘google fiber review existenz’. Over 70% of my building (about 150 units) have switched from TWC to GFiber. They will be expanding into Comcast territory in KC burbs next year.

  3. lovemytechy says:

    come to NY google we want you…