Google Fiber Stories August 6

Google Fiber purchased Webpass in 2016 given the latter ISP’s track record with point-to-point wireless and fast rollout. Since then, both companies have operated independently and in different cities. The two sister companies are now combining efforts with “Google Fiber Webpass” in Austin.

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Google Fiber Stories April 16

As Google Fiber is set to pull out of Louisville due to “fundamental network issues”, the cost to Alphabet is set to be somewhere around $4 million.

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Google Fiber Stories February 7

Google Fiber’s last network expansion occurred in 2017 to Huntsville, San Antonio, and Louisville. Alphabet’s Access division is now pulling out of the latter Kentucky city due to the massive undertaking required to solve a fundamental network issue that is not the “right business decision” for Google Fiber.

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Google Fiber Stories January 28

Kansas City snowstorm takes down Google Fiber, some customers without internet for over two weeks

Google Fiber is a huge reason for the slow spread of gigabit speeds throughout the United States. However, a recent outage caused by a snowstorm caused Google Fiber internet service to be lacking for over two weeks for some customers.

Google Fiber Stories July 13, 2018

Google Fiber set out to disrupt the ISP industry eight years ago, but has since scaled down its ambitions. Among other factors, physically deploying fiber served as a big obstacle to Google’s plans. The FCC is now set to approve a system that could increase high-speed broadband deployment across the United States.

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Google Fiber Stories February 6, 2018

In a very brief blog post, Alphabet announced that it has hired a new CEO to lead its telecommunications division, Access. Dinesh Jain was previously Chief Operating Officer at Time Warner Cable for over two years and now leads Google Fiber, among other efforts.

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