Google Fiber Stories November 14

Last month, Google Fiber revealed that upcoming gigabit launches in Louisville and San Antonio would not offer a television service, instead suggesting YouTube TV. With Fiber launching in the Texas city today, Google announced a number of other changes, like only offering one plan and a promotional Nvidia Shield TV.

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Google Fiber Stories October 25

Google Fiber has been live in Nashville, Tennessee for a few years now, but today is seeing a much wider rollout to multiple neighborhoods. Additionally, the ISP is launching what it calls a “Community Bonus” referral program to collectively lower monthly bills.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Fiber Stories October 5

Late last year, Google Fiber halted future deployment and in July lost its latest CEO after only five months. Despite this, the Alphabet division committed itself to continue service in existing areas and is still rolling out to cities that it previously announced. However, for two upcoming launches, Google Fiber will not offer a television service.

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Google Fiber Stories July 17

Google Fiber has lost its latest Chief Executive Officer after only a five month tenure. Hired in February, Gregory McCray was previously head of another telecommunications company before joining the Alphabet division.

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Google Fiber Stories May 23

Google Fiber launches in Huntsville, Alabama by leasing new municipal fiber network

First announced over a year ago, Google Fiber is now live in Huntsville, Alabama. Alphabet’s internet connectivity division was able to launch its service relatively quickly by taking advantage of the city’s new fiber network.

Google Fiber Stories April 6

Following the pause in deployment to new cities and other smaller mishaps in recent months, Alphabet has reassigned two Access executives (via Bloomberg). These personnel moves of these executives are especially notable given their stature and experience in telecommunication.

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