Google Fiber Stories Yesterday

In September, Google Fiber announced a ‘2 Gig’ tier, and it’s now widely available in the first cities. As part of this, a Wi-Fi 6 Google Fiber Multi-Gig Router is provided to customers.

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Google Fiber Stories September 24, 2020

Google Fiber customers today can get up to two Google Wifi routers for free as part of their subscription. The Alphabet ISP is now letting customers bring their own router as part of the set-up process.

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Google Fiber Stories September 14, 2020

In recent years, Alphabet’s Access division has dropped Fiber’s 100 Mbps plan and traditional TV to streamline offerings for new customers. Google Fiber announced today that it will start testing 2 gigabit plans next month.

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Google Fiber Stories August 28, 2020

Google Fiber now recommends Philo for lower-cost TV streaming

Earlier this year Google Fiber dropped its TV offering and decided to instead offer streaming services to its customers. Now, Google Fiber is partnering with the affordable Philo TV as its third option.

Google Fiber Stories July 6, 2020

A decade ago, Google set out to disrupt traditional ISPs by building and operating its own fiber network. That grand vision did not pan out, but Google Fiber today announced its first new city in four years with West Des Moines.

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Google Fiber Stories February 21, 2020

Google ‘Fiber Webpass’ is a rebrand of the wireless gigabit internet service

Google’s efforts in internet service have seen some of the first gigabit speeds provided courtesy of Google Fiber. Now, Webpass — the company’s other internet provider — is getting rebranded as “Google Fiber Webpass.”

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