Google Fiber Stories February 14

After announcing in October, Google Fiber is rolling out a 5 Gig service for $125 per month in four cities today.

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Google Fiber Stories October 13, 2022

As teased, Google Fiber announced today that it is launching 5 and 8 Gig service in early 2023. It continues a competitive ramp of activity and development from the Alphabet ISP in recent months.

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Google Fiber Stories September 27, 2022

Last month, Google Fiber shared that it’s focusing on five new states over the coming years, and today previewed upcoming “announcements to dramatically expand our multi-gigabit tiers” and eventually get to 100 Gig symmetrical internet.

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Google Fiber Stories August 10, 2022

In a blog post titled “What’s next for Google Fiber” today, the division’s CEO Dinni Jain laid out what states the ISP will be growing in over the coming years.

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Google Fiber Stories May 16, 2022

Google Fiber’s Business 2 Gig plan adding uptime guarantee and credit if connection drops

Back in March, Google Fiber made Business 2 Gig available for $250 per month, and is now upgrading that plan with a “Service Level Guarantee.”

Google Fiber Stories April 4, 2022

Google Fiber has long made use of “Fiber Spaces” to let potential customers experience gigabit speeds before subscribing. The ISP is now turning to Google Fiber Kiosks located in malls to let customers “take care of business quickly.”

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Google Fiber Stories March 8, 2022

Over the course of last year, Google Fiber rolled out its 2 Gig plan to many more cities, and it’s now coming to business customers for $250/month. 

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Google Fiber Stories September 28, 2021

Google Fiber is available in 11 cities/regions across the country and has spent the last few years modernizing its service. The legacy Google Fiber TV offering is now officially set to be retired in favor of streaming.

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Google Fiber Stories June 15, 2021

Over the past few years, Google Fiber has been replacing legacy aspects of its service and streamlining. The latest allows Fiber TV customers that own a dedicated box to upgrade to a Chromecast with Google TV.

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Google Fiber Stories May 12, 2021

Over the past few months, Alphabet’s Google-branded ISP has been rolling out 2 Gigabit Internet in existing cities. Google Fiber now has a new logo for Fiber and Fiber Webpass after previously just using a wordmark.

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Google Fiber Stories April 29, 2021

The last year has seen many more people turn to the internet for work, learning, shopping, socializing, and entertainment. Google Fiber reports that its networks nationwide saw an approximately 32% increase in demand.

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Google Fiber Stories April 7, 2021

In September, Google Fiber announced a ‘2 Gig’ tier, and it’s now widely available in the first cities. As part of this, a Wi-Fi 6 Google Fiber Multi-Gig Router is provided to customers.

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Google Fiber Stories September 24, 2020

Google Fiber customers today can get up to two Google Wifi routers for free as part of their subscription. The Alphabet ISP is now letting customers bring their own router as part of the set-up process.

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Google Fiber Stories September 14, 2020

In recent years, Alphabet’s Access division has dropped Fiber’s 100 Mbps plan and traditional TV to streamline offerings for new customers. Google Fiber announced today that it will start testing 2 gigabit plans next month.

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Google Fiber Stories August 28, 2020

Google Fiber now recommends Philo for lower-cost TV streaming

Earlier this year Google Fiber dropped its TV offering and decided to instead offer streaming services to its customers. Now, Google Fiber is partnering with the affordable Philo TV as its third option.

Google Fiber Stories July 6, 2020

A decade ago, Google set out to disrupt traditional ISPs by building and operating its own fiber network. That grand vision did not pan out, but Google Fiber today announced its first new city in four years with West Des Moines.

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Google Fiber Stories February 21, 2020

Google ‘Fiber Webpass’ is a rebrand of the wireless gigabit internet service

Google’s efforts in internet service have seen some of the first gigabit speeds provided courtesy of Google Fiber. Now, Webpass — the company’s other internet provider — is getting rebranded as “Google Fiber Webpass.”

Google Fiber Stories February 4, 2020

Last year, Google Fiber announced that it’s no longer offering 100Mbps plans. This refocus on just gigabit internet is now seeing the ISP drop traditional Google Fiber TV service for new customer sign-ups.

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Google Fiber Stories December 4, 2019

Google Fiber still exists today in 18 cities and continues to sign-up new customers. The ISP is now simplifying its service by no longer offering a 100 Mbps plan and committing entirely to gigabit Google Fiber speeds.

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Google Fiber Stories August 6, 2019

Google Fiber purchased Webpass in 2016 given the latter ISP’s track record with point-to-point wireless and fast rollout. Since then, both companies have operated independently and in different cities. The two sister companies are now combining efforts with “Google Fiber Webpass” in Austin.

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Google Fiber Stories April 16, 2019

As Google Fiber is set to pull out of Louisville due to “fundamental network issues”, the cost to Alphabet is set to be somewhere around $4 million.

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Google Fiber Stories February 7, 2019

Google Fiber’s last network expansion occurred in 2017 to Huntsville, San Antonio, and Louisville. Alphabet’s Access division is now pulling out of the latter Kentucky city due to the massive undertaking required to solve a fundamental network issue that is not the “right business decision” for Google Fiber.

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Google Fiber Stories January 28, 2019

Kansas City snowstorm takes down Google Fiber, some customers without internet for over two weeks

Google Fiber is a huge reason for the slow spread of gigabit speeds throughout the United States. However, a recent outage caused by a snowstorm caused Google Fiber internet service to be lacking for over two weeks for some customers.

Google Fiber Stories July 13, 2018

Google Fiber set out to disrupt the ISP industry eight years ago, but has since scaled down its ambitions. Among other factors, physically deploying fiber served as a big obstacle to Google’s plans. The FCC is now set to approve a system that could increase high-speed broadband deployment across the United States.

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Google Fiber Stories February 6, 2018

In a very brief blog post, Alphabet announced that it has hired a new CEO to lead its telecommunications division, Access. Dinesh Jain was previously Chief Operating Officer at Time Warner Cable for over two years and now leads Google Fiber, among other efforts.

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Google Fiber Stories January 30, 2018

A few months before Google Fiber paused deployment at the end of 2016, it purchased point to point gigabit internet provider Webpass. Today, it surfaced that the acquisition is planning to pull out of its Boston market.

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Google Fiber Stories November 14, 2017

Last month, Google Fiber revealed that upcoming gigabit launches in Louisville and San Antonio would not offer a television service, instead suggesting YouTube TV. With Fiber launching in the Texas city today, Google announced a number of other changes, like only offering one plan and a promotional Nvidia Shield TV.

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Google Fiber Stories October 25, 2017

Google Fiber has been live in Nashville, Tennessee for a few years now, but today is seeing a much wider rollout to multiple neighborhoods. Additionally, the ISP is launching what it calls a “Community Bonus” referral program to collectively lower monthly bills.

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Google Fiber Stories October 5, 2017

Late last year, Google Fiber halted future deployment and in July lost its latest CEO after only five months. Despite this, the Alphabet division committed itself to continue service in existing areas and is still rolling out to cities that it previously announced. However, for two upcoming launches, Google Fiber will not offer a television service.

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Google Fiber Stories July 17, 2017

Google Fiber has lost its latest Chief Executive Officer after only a five month tenure. Hired in February, Gregory McCray was previously head of another telecommunications company before joining the Alphabet division.

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Google Fiber Stories May 23, 2017

Google Fiber launches in Huntsville, Alabama by leasing new municipal fiber network

First announced over a year ago, Google Fiber is now live in Huntsville, Alabama. Alphabet’s internet connectivity division was able to launch its service relatively quickly by taking advantage of the city’s new fiber network.

Google Fiber Stories April 6, 2017

Following the pause in deployment to new cities and other smaller mishaps in recent months, Alphabet has reassigned two Access executives (via Bloomberg). These personnel moves of these executives are especially notable given their stature and experience in telecommunication.

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Google Fiber Stories March 21, 2017

Google Fiber is facing more setbacks as it canceled installation in Kansas City. The gigabit internet service is offering refunds to hundreds of customers who put down deposits in Fiber’s first market, with the Alphabet division reportedly being more careful in regards to rollout.

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Google Fiber Stories February 15, 2017


Alphabet has hired Gregory McCray to lead its Access unit, Bloomberg reports. Access, which is the subsidiary below Alphabet that works on various internet communication technology, also includes the Mountain View company’s struggling Google Fiber unit.

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Google Fiber Stories February 1, 2017


Toward the end of last year it was said that Google was putting expansion of its super-fast Fiber internet service on pause, but today it seems the expansion of the gigabit internet service has resumed. Following its launch in Charlotte almost exactly a year ago, Fiber is further expanding in North Carolina to Raleigh…

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Google Fiber Stories January 30, 2017

Google Fiber map now also shows six cities where Webpass is available

Google acquired Webpass — another longtime provider of gigabit internet — last year, and now Google has added six cities where you can get super-fast internet through the service to its Google Fiber map. You’ll now see the option to get Webpass for Boston, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Oakland, and San Diego…

Google Fiber Stories November 15, 2016


Google is still very much working on Fiber hardware and software despite announcing that expansion is being paused from the time being. We have now learned that new Fiber TV and Network boxes are currently in testing with support for 4K and better wireless.

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Google Fiber TV app for Android & iOS updated w/ faster DVR recording and recommendations

While future Fiber deployment may be paused, Google has reiterated that it’s continuing service in existing cities. As a sign of that commitment, the Fiber TV app on Android and iOS is being updated with several new proactive feature.

Google Fiber Stories October 25, 2016


Google Fiber has hit a major roadblock this afternoon with Access CEO Craig Barratt leaving his position and operations in “potential Fiber cities” being paused. The Alphabet division is currently refining its approach to making superfast Internet available in the US.

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Google Fiber Stories August 26, 2016


A report in The Information cited by Gizmodo says that Google Fiber take-up has fallen well short of the company’s expectations, and that the company is slashing its workforce in response and seeking to dramatically cut costs.

Fiber executives had ambitious hopes of signing up around 5 million subscribers in five years, said a person close to Google’s parent, Alphabet. But by the end of 2014, more than two years after service began, Google had only signed up around 200,000 broadband subscribers, said a former employee. The current number isn’t known, but it’s still well short of initial expectations, said another person close to Alphabet […]

Last month, Alphabet CEO Larry Page ordered Google Fiber’s chief, Craig Barratt, to halve the size of the Google Fiber team to 500 people, said the second person close to Alphabet … 

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Google Fiber Stories August 11, 2016


We learned back in April that Google was planning to experiment with wireless Fiber service to extend the reach of its high-speed broadband service beyond cities, but the company wouldn’t be drawn on where it had in mind. An FCC filing spotted by Business Insider now appears to provide the answer.

A table in the filing reveals 24 locations spanning 17 states where Google is seeking permission to conduct tests, which are a mix of Fiber and non-Fiber locations …

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Google Fiber Stories July 12, 2016


Google Fiber sign-ups are now open in Charlotte, North Carolina. Specifically, both residents and businesses in the Highland Creek neighborhood will be able to join one of three plans. The Charlotte expansion was announced at the beginning of last year along with Atlanta, Nashville, and Raleigh-Durham.

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Google Fiber Stories June 1, 2016

Upcoming update will turn the Google Fiber TV Box into a Chromecast

Those lucky enough to live in a city with Google Fiber will soon receive an update that essentially turns their current TV Box into a Chromecast. As the TV Box is already hooked up to a television, users will be able to stream music, video, and apps without making changes to their current setup.

Google Fiber Stories May 17, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.52.43 PM

Google I/O officially kicks off tomorrow, but this evening AT&T has taken some wind out of the company’s sails. AT&T has announced that it is brining its Google Fiber competitor to the Bay Area in California. The company says that its GigaPower service is now available in “parts of” San Francisco, San Jose, Dublin, Mountain View, Santa Clara and San Ramon.

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Google Fiber Stories April 14, 2016

A Google Inc. Fiber display is shown at the Google office in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Tuesday, July 15, 2014. Google's presence in Washington is necessitated in part by the Federal Trade Commission and U.S. Justice Department inquiries into how the company obtains and uses private data. Additional privacy and safety concerns are likely to arise from Google projects in the works, including nose-mounted Google Glass computers and self-driving cars. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

We heard earlier this month that Google was planning to offer Fiber customers the option of a wireless service within its existing coverage areas, but a Re/code interview suggests that the company also sees wireless as a way to extend its reach beyond cities.

In an interview with Re/code, Access CEO Craig Barratt, who oversees Fiber, said the company is working on connecting wireless towers to existing fiber lines, and that it is “experimenting with a number of different wireless technologies” to make that happen.

Barratt said that adding wireless into the mix was a way to extend Google’s high-speed broadband service to areas where laying down optical fiber wouldn’t be economic …

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Google Fiber Stories April 9, 2016

Google Fiber drops its free basic tier in Kansas City, replaces with $50/m 100Mbps plan

When Google Fiber first launched in Kansas City, it did so with the promise of free internet, as long as customers paid for their installation. While subscribers could opt to pay $25 per month for 12 months to cover the $300 installation fee, internet usage was completely free. There was one caveat however: Download speeds were limited to just 5Mbps. Now, Google has replaced this Basic Tier with a 100Mbps plan and rebranded its two other tiers.

Google Fiber Stories March 29, 2016

fiber phone

Earlier this year, Google began inviting certain Fiber customers to test out a home phone service. Today, the Mountain View company is officially adding a Fiber Phone service to the internet and cable TV services they already provide thus becoming a triple play provider…

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Google Fiber Stories March 12, 2016


We told you a couple of days ago that Google was building a crane game for SXSW attendees, and last night we finally had a chance to try it out for ourselves. Appropriately dubbed “I’m Feeling Lucky,” the huge crane game offers some free swag from the variety of products the Mountain View company offers via its online retail presence (with no SXSW badge required!)…

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