Google Fiber Stories July 17

GOOG: 953.42


Google Fiber has lost its latest Chief Executive Officer after only a five month tenure. Hired in February, Gregory McCray was previously head of another telecommunications company before joining the Alphabet division.

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Google Fiber Stories May 23

GOOG: 948.82


Google Fiber launches in Huntsville, Alabama by leasing new municipal fiber network

First announced over a year ago, Google Fiber is now live in Huntsville, Alabama. Alphabet’s internet connectivity division was able to launch its service relatively quickly by taking advantage of the city’s new fiber network.

Google Fiber Stories April 6

GOOG: 827.88


Following the pause in deployment to new cities and other smaller mishaps in recent months, Alphabet has reassigned two Access executives (via Bloomberg). These personnel moves of these executives are especially notable given their stature and experience in telecommunication.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Fiber Stories March 21

GOOG: 830.46


Google Fiber is facing more setbacks as it canceled installation in Kansas City. The gigabit internet service is offering refunds to hundreds of customers who put down deposits in Fiber’s first market, with the Alphabet division reportedly being more careful in regards to rollout.

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Google Fiber Stories February 15

GOOG: 818.98


Alphabet has hired Gregory McCray to lead its Access unit, Bloomberg reports. Access, which is the subsidiary below Alphabet that works on various internet communication technology, also includes the Mountain View company’s struggling Google Fiber unit.

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Google Fiber Stories February 1

GOOG: 795.70


Toward the end of last year it was said that Google was putting expansion of its super-fast Fiber internet service on pause, but today it seems the expansion of the gigabit internet service has resumed. Following its launch in Charlotte almost exactly a year ago, Fiber is further expanding in North Carolina to Raleigh…

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