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AT&T Stories April 25

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Over the last two days, we’ve had two of the US’s biggest mobile technology conglomerates announce new technologies and deals that aren’t exactly as they seem. These are AT&T’s announcement of “5G Evolution” and Verizon’s brand new $70 Fios gigabit plan. With each not being what they’re advertised, which do you think is more misleading?

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Despite the next-generation wireless standard having not yet been finalized, AT&T announced today that it will begin calling its rollout of existing LTE technology as “5G Evolution.” This nebulously termed service is launching today in Austin, with a wider rollout by year’s end.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!


AT&T Stories February 26

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Last year, LG’s attempt to make a modular smartphone with the G5 ended up being more or less a flop. This year, the company has shaken up their mobile platform by announcing the LG G6 with a complete redesign, a better software experience, and a fantastic dual camera setup. Thankfully, it has been confirmed that the LG G6 will be available on all four of the major US carriers…

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AT&T Stories February 16

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Following in the footsteps of Verizon and T-Mobile, AT&T today announced a new unlimited data plan available to all of its customers. While AT&T brought back an unlimited data plan last year, it was limited to DirecTV and U-Verse subscribers. Today’s plan, however, is open to anyone…

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AT&T Stories November 18, 2016

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Even though Google Home has been released, it hasn’t taken much attention away from Amazon’s popular Echo devices. The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot both bring a lot to the table, in many ways more so than Google Home does at this point. Many of the Echo’s popular features are enabled by “Skills,” best described as third-party plugins. Now AT&T has released its own Alexa skill, enabling customers to send texts via an Echo.

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