Best Buy just threw up their Motorola Triumph page complete with $299 retail price and anticipated delivery date between July 19 and July 26.

First of all, this is a solid, high end Android phone.  It has a 4.1″ screen, fast processor and runs an almost stock Android 2.2 with all of the trimmings…

While $300 may seem a bit steep for a smartphone of any kind, let’s talk about why this should be the hottest smartphone out there.

This phone will come with Virgin’s $25/month unlimited text/data/300 minutes/month.   So extrapolating costs out over just 1 year of a 2 year plan:  The average high end smartphone costs about $100 with the plan.  You are spending $200 more for Virgin’s Triumph.

But for unlimited 3G data and texts (if you can still get it) on a low talk plan, you are looking at a minimum of $50/month and likely more like $75 or more.  At $75/month, it only takes you 4 months to make up that $200 difference.  Even at $50/month (which again is unheard of) you are better off with Virgin after only 8 months.  So one year out:

Post Paid $50/month: $100+$50/month = $700

Post Paid $75/month: $100+$75/month = $1000

Virgin Triumph $25/month: $300+$25/month=$600

Then next year it is all gravy.  We’re anxiously awaiting a review unit and hoe to have a review up by launch.

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