Google’s Think Insight research portal for marketers, which provides trends, infograhpics, videos, and quick stats based on hundreds of Google studies, is officially out of beta and ready for public consumption.

The site includes an extensive research library, facts & stats, and a selection of planning tools- Real-Time Insights Finder (pictured below) allows you to find what people are searching for, clicking, and watching online in real-time, there’s insights into mobile usage with Our Mobile Planet Tool, as well as tools for search and benchmark tools for getting insights on ad campaigns and industry trends.

What type of info will you find on Think Insights? Google shares a few examples:

Best iPhone, iPad, & Apple TV game controllers

Consumer demand for pretzels peaks in what month of the year? December. 

How much (in $) does search add to the world’s GDP? $540 billion directly to global GDP

What percent of the daily queries on have never been seen before? 16%

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