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Yesterday, the specs for the upcoming Droid 4 leaked, revealing a lot of similarity between the Droid RAZR. Today, we’ve come across the first photos taken in the wild by the Droid 4. The first photo, shown above, is not very impressive (click for full resolution) for an eight megapixel lens – which the new Droid 4 apparently has. What we think  happened is that it has been shrunken down to its presented 1155×2048 resolution (or it could have been shot with the front camera, but that seems unlikely). This would mirror the situation surrounding the first iPhone 4S photo taken in the wild, which was shrunken down prior to being posted on Flickr. We think it’s worth noting that the subject in the picture is in fact a Motorola employee.

What we have learned is that this new camera will rock an f/2.4 aperture with a focal length of 4.6 mm and an ISO speed of 200 (at least for this photo/model). According to EXIF data the photograph shown above does not use the camera flash, but the leaked specs call for the presence of one. As aforementioned, the Droid 4 back camera lens runs in at eight megapixels and does shoot 1080P video. The camera sounds – in terms of specs – reminiscent of the industry leading iPhone 4S camera. We’ll have to see if Motorola’s software can present the photos as crystal clear as Apple’s software does.

Additionally, we’ve come across another photo likely taken with the Droid 4 at the more impressive resolution of 3264×1840. Below the fold you’ll find possible screenshots of the Droid 4, but it could very well be another qHD device, along with the other back-camera shot.  Check out the photos after the break:


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