With the new Android phones coming out of CES 2012, Samsung’s Galaxy S II is starting to feel a little outdated. Luckily, British retailer Mobicity did not get the memo and prematurely revealed perhaps the newest offering out of Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S II HD. The retailer showed off the device, featuring a larger 720P HD 4.65-inch display and faster 1.5GHz processor.

American users should not get too excited, because this device most likely will not land in the United States anytime soon. It will probably first see the light of day in Europe and Australia. Do you remember how long it took for the Galaxy S II to drop?

It is also worth noting that third-party retailers do not always tell the full story, but Mobicity’s promotion of  “a larger, higher resolution screen and more battery power” definitely sounds promising. We hope to hear more soon —perhaps at Mobile World Conference 2012 in a few weeks. (via Android Central)

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