Just ahead of Mobile World Congress set to take place in Barcelona, Spain from Feb. 27 to March 1, LG has unveiled a new line of ‘L-Style’ smartphones including the 3.2-inch LG Optimus L3, the 4-inch Optimus L5, and the 4.3-inch Optimus L7. LG is calling the line its “new design identity” and plans an official unveiling for MWC later this month. As for the new design concept, a translation of LG’s press release mentions a ‘leather back cover’,  a thin design with squared angles, and a “metal feel of sophistication”.

It looks like the L3, which is landing in Europe this March, will most likely be the entry-level device for the new line, as its the only one not shipping with Ice Cream Sandwich. The two other devices, the L5 and L7, will both run Android 4.0 out of the gate but specifics on specs and pricing for all three devices will have to wait for MWC. Check out LG’s press shot of the devices after the break.

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