We told you in January that MetroPCS planned to bring local broadcast TV to Android devices through the “Dyle Mobile TV” app. We knew, at the time, Samsung would launch the first device to feature the service preloaded, and we get the details today with CNET reporting that the 4.3-inch Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G will officially introduce the Dyle Mobile TV service. Unfortunately, the service requires the device—which is a variant of US Cellular’s Galaxy S Aviator—to have a retractable antenna:

Dyle is the answer for people who can’t live without their favorite daytime talk shows and soap operas. Essentially a mobile TV service that picks up special broadcasts of local TV channels, Dyle allows you to get programming anywhere you have your handset or smartphone. In the works for years, it’s finally launched on the Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G, which MetroPCS began selling today.

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The service is run by a consortium of broadcasters around the country, jointly known as Mobile Content Venture. Following the Lightray are a few other Dyle products, including dongles that can connect to an iPad or iPhone, turning it into a portable TV. Don’t get your hopes up, though; the Lightray isn’t a handset from some far-flung future. Sadly, it’s a perfectly generic smartphone, aside from a retractable antenna that needs to be extended in order to grab the Dyle broadcast signal.

A full review of the service is available at CNET.

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