IPhone Stories March 5

Project Sandcastle brings Android to older iPhone models w/ more promised soon

If you ever wanted to run Android on an iPhone — we don’t know why either — then thanks to Project Sandcastle, you can.

IPhone Stories March 4

You can actually jailbreak an iPhone w/ a rooted Android and checkra1n [Video]

Rooting your Android phone might be reasonably easy but jailbreaking an iPhone is still more of a cat and mouse affair. Tools like QuickpPwn made it easier to jailbreak back in the day, but more recent options like checkra1n make it possible for iPhone users to get root access on their iOS 13 devices.

IPhone Stories January 3

According to a new report, more than 90% of all smartphones sold at the major US carrier brick-and-mortar stores in December had either an Apple or Samsung logo.

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IPhone Stories November 29, 2019

In this Android Basics guide, we’re going to show you how to transfer your data from your iPhone to your shiny new Android phone.

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IPhone Stories November 12, 2019

Google Stadia will be available starting next week and now, the official app has just arrived on iPhone. However, there’s a catch to its availability.

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IPhone Stories July 8, 2019

Chrome OS to add support for USB tethering from iPhone in a future update

A fairly obvious Chromium commit this week has revealed that Google is working on a feature that most people probably already assumed existed. In a coming release, Chrome OS will be able to use USB tethering with iPhones.

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