We’ve been hearing reports of the new Nexus 7 showing up as on sale in stores before the official launch date of 30th July, and this now appears to be happening at Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon.

The first confirmation we saw came from Engadget in the form of a Best Buy pre-order update showing a release date of today.

We put our money down for one when the order page first went up, and while the confirmation originally said it would arrive on the original July 30th launch date, it’s now telling us that we can expect our tablet later today. That jibes with info we were given by a source claiming to be the manager of a Best Buy store. He said that while pre-orders started yesterday, “there were few (of them) in my region,” meaning that “if you are present at a (Best Buy) location today at opening, you have a good chance of buying the tablet.”

Tweets are now showing the same thing happening at Walmart and Amazon:

tweet1 Other retailers are reportedly sticking to the scheduled launch date, so it’s unclear why this is happening, but if you want to get your hands on one a few days early, it appears that you can.


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