As we’ve already begun the 48 day countdown to Black Friday, Motorola is already shifting attention to Cyber Monday. A Google+ posting indicates the company will discount their excellent Moto X by $150 for one-day off contract. That’s a $350 price tag this upcoming Monday and what is arguably one of the best device deals I’ve seen on an Android device in a long time.

Yes, that puts the Moto X into direct competition with the Nexus 5 for one-day only and there is plenty of argument to be made for scooping up either handset. Regardless of which direction your smartphone wind will blow, the $150 discount on the Moto X cannot be ignored…hence why the company is noting that “supplies will be limited.”

Keep it tuned to 9to5Google for all the updates on Motorola’s incredible Moto X Cyber Monday deal.


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