A story out of Korean publication Asia Today is indicating some bad news for fans of LG’s G2 flagship smartphone. According to the publication, sales of the device are falling well below expectations with just 2.3 million units sold in the four months post launch. LG had projected 3 million units for the third quarter alone and have only hit 600,000 units in their home country of Korea.

Even with LG’s huge marketing campaign worldwide, the device has yet to capture mindshare over its biggest competitors in the HTC One and Galaxy S 4.┬áThe LG G2 is a serious competitor to both of its chief competitor flagships with specs that are arguably better than both devices. Unfortunately, the G2 has yet to hit a home-run and that could include the “unique” placement of its power button and volume controls.

As the holiday season swings into full gear, there is still opportunity for LG to see sales of the G2 rise and I hope it does, all things considered it’s a fantastic device that deserves more attention.

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