Google Glass is making its way onto the football field in the friendly confines of the Stanford football program.  The university that graduated both of the Google founders as well as many of execs and programmers is evaluating the Google Glass according to the LA Times. Stanford’s football offensive coordinator Mike Bloomgren went through Friday’s Rose Bowl media session wearing Goggle Glass.

“It’s my my way of paying homage to Nerd Nation,” he said, adding, “Our relationship with Google is obviously very strong and I’m the tech member of our staff. “I’m the guy that wants to unwrap toys like this on Christmas.”Bloomgren said he could envision the practical application of the video technology eventually making its was onto the field.

It isn’t just the coaching staff.  Stanford’s cheerleaders are also checking out the headgear for practical purposes. During the Stanford vs. Notre Dame game a company called Crowdlogic outfitted the Stanford cheerleaders with Glass to broadcast what they were seeing to the Jumbotron in real time.

From Crowdoptic:

What we have is the ability to crowdsource broadcast from Glass to TV or Jumbotron or back to fans that is very hard to do in real time for 2 reasons.  1 is the content and 2 is getting the broadcast to be manageable versus a) footage all over the place as the Glass wearer looks everywhere and b) shaky footage given how small and sensitive a power source Glass is.

We can do this because of our triangulation technology that screens for significance (what to post) and smoothes for the ability to (post well at all) by automatically selecting only videos of significance then the best video from the multiple vantage points of the significance.

This is currently changing the nature of sports broadcasting.  Stanford had Glass on the cheerleaders, band, sidelines personnel at Stanford v Notre Dame – it was awesome.

This video is the result of 8 Glass looking at the jumbotron at once and the image is the first appearance of the Glass cam.

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