The latest update to hit the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 improves the overall accuracy of the fingerprinting system, and makes the camera open faster, as well as bringing various other small fixes (via SamMobile).

Improvements to the accuracy of the fingerprint scanner will be a welcome upgrade for many. Various early reviews found that the fingerprint scanner wasn’t as accurate as the part found in the iPhone 5s, though it’s difficult to prove that.

The other tweaks make for a faster overall experience with the device, and it seems that Samsung has improved the use of RAM with this update.

There’s no word on when this update might hit carrier versions of the device, though it likely won’t be for some time. If you have the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S5, you can grab the update now via Kies. The update is also rolling out OTA, though it may take some time before it hits your device.

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