Google announced a new ad format today that the company hopes will give publishers additional freedom when monetizing their websites. This new marketing tool is called “magazine ads” and it have nothing to do with publication subscriptions in Google Play.

Until now, Google gave content producers the option of running display (pictures) or text ads. Magazine ads are a refreshed take on text ads that feature a heavy focus on spacing and pronounced fonts wrapped in “a design aesthetic suitable for display,” according to Google.

From the looks of the sample units, the company is simply producing larger text ads with clean lettering. Not surprisingly, the search giant recommends trying both of its ad types, however it acknowledges that publishers may have a preference.

Mountain View’s new magazine ads will appear whenever a text advertiser’s bid exceeds a display ad. So in theory, Google has an opportunity to earn more money when a magazine ad is shown in place of a standard display ad. To get a better idea of what these updated ad units look like, check out the samples below.


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