If you’re a working stiff looking to get out of a rut, you may want to pass your resume along to Google. A recent survey from Glassdoor ranked the search giant as the top US employer for benefits and pay. According to the study, engineers at Google take home an average salary of around $128,000 annually. The company’s closest tech-related competitor, Facebook came in third place with an average engineer salary of $120,000. Surprisingly absent from the listing’s top accolades was Google’s Silicon Valley rival Apple, which didn’t break into the survey’s top 25. This research is based on voluntary information from employees from each company, so it’s pretty much an account of how employees feel about their jobs. It’s well documented that Google offers some cushy benefits beyond traditional health insurance and retirement packages. Some of Google’s most noteworthy perks include gourmet meals, extra free time for creativity, on-site daycare and additional paid for the birth of a child.

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