Google Pay Stories November 12

Google Pay is now available in the United Arab Emirates

Google’s aptly named payment service, Google Pay, has been gradually moving into all corners of the globe. The latest country to be added to the list is the United Arab Emirates.

Google Pay Stories October 30

Google Pay now officially available in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland

Google Pay in the Scandinavian states of Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden is now officially available, opening up the service to millions within the Nordic nations who previously only had access to Apple Pay for mobile payments, having launched within the region earlier this summer.

Google Pay Stories September 24

Google Pay appears to be adding support for peer-to-peer payments using a QR code

Google Pay is the hub for spending and sending money from within the company’s ecosystem, and it’s slowly been adding new options. Now, it appears that Google is working on using QR codes to allow users to send peer-to-peer payments.

Google Pay Stories August 28

Google rebrands Tez payment app for India to Google Pay

Late last year, Google announced a new payments app for the Indian market which gave users the ability to transfer funds to nearby users without any special hardware. Since its debut, Tez has seen a lot of popularity, but now it’s being rebranded to fall under Google Pay’s umbrella…

Google Pay Stories August 1

You can now reload your Starbucks Card on Android with Google Pay

Google Pay received a big update last month that integrated Google Wallet’s old peer-to-peer sending features, while adding new “Sending” and “Passes” tabs to the Android app. Relaunched earlier this year, Google’s payment service is widely available and can now be used in the Starbucks for Android app.

Google Pay Stories July 23

Snapcash closing, likely due to competition from Google and others – and sketchy usage

Sending money direct from your phone to a friend or family member has made the shift from a geeky thing back in 2014 to a relatively mainstream activity today. But increased competition is seeing one player exit the business …

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