Google Pay Stories April 18

Google Pay passes 100 million installs on the Google Play Store

Earlier this year, Google pushed out a redesign to its mobile wallet and changed the name from Android Pay to Google Pay. Now, Google Pay has passed 100 million installs from the Play Store.

Google Pay Stories March 28

Google Pay promotion offers up to $100 credit for referring friends

Google’s mobile payments option, Google Pay, has been around for quite a while under other names, but most people still have no idea what it is. To help raise awareness, Google is currently offering a promotion that gives users credits for referring their friends.

Google Pay Stories March 22

Starting today, you will be able to send and request money with just your voice using Google Assistant. First announced last year, this feature works on Android or iOS and integrates with the recently rebranded Google Pay.

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Google Pay Stories March 19

Google announced earlier this year that Android Pay and Google Wallet were being merged with that combined service rolling out last month. The company already telegraphed that peer-to-peer money transfers were coming soon and now Google Pay is adding support for transit tickets.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Pay Stories February 21

Wallet’s Google Pay Send rebrand rolling out to Android and iOS

As part of the company’s payments rebrand, Google Pay will gain the ability to send and request money in the “next few months.” Until then, the dedicated Google Wallet app is gaining its own minor redesign, with the app now rolling out in the Play Store and live on the iOS App Store.

Google Pay Stories February 20

Today, Google officially started to roll out Google Pay, the replacement for Android Pay. This app works as a digital wallet, allowing users to make purchases using NFC on their phone. While more and more retailers now accept this form of payment, adoption just isn’t that high in the US.

Are you someone who uses a digital wallet on their Android device to make transactions?

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