Google Pay Stories August 9

Visa Checkout will be shutting down sometime in 2020, Google Pay removing support

Since 2013, Visa has run their Visa Checkout online payment service, competing with the likes of PayPal. We’ve now learned that Visa Checkout will apparently be shutting down sometime in 2020.

Google Pay Stories August 6

[Update: Now 39] Google Pay has added 27 new banks in the US in August 2019

Despite having been around for almost five years in the US, Google Pay does not yet support cards from every bank in America, but they’re working on it. Already, for the month of August, Google Pay has gained support for a whopping twenty-seven more banks and credit unions across the US.

Google Pay Stories August 1

Google Pay in India adds SMS alerts and notifications to help reduce scams

Google Pay in India is now adding SMS alerts and notifications to help decrease the risk of smartphone owners being scammed out of their money.

Google Pay Stories July 24

Google Pay boarding passes now supported by Alaska Airlines

Google Pay’s passes functionality is somewhat underused, but a newcomer is now available. This week, Alaska Airlines has added support for showing boarding passes through Google Pay.

Google Pay Stories July 17

[Update: Now 26] Google Pay has added 13 new banks in the U.S. in July 2019

Mobile payment is one of today’s best modern conveniences. But before services like Google Pay can support your credit or debit card, they need to come to an agreement with your bank or credit union. For the month of July, Google Pay has introduced support for cards from a new set of 26 banks in the United States.

Google Pay Stories June 18

[Update: now 21] Google Pay has added 12 new banks in the US in June 2019

With the hot weather beginning to arrive, Google Pay is getting ready for your summer shopping trips this June by adding twenty-one more US banks and credit unions to their ever-increasing list of supported financial institutions.

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