Google Pay Stories January 22

Target will soon support Google Pay and Samsung Pay in stores

In addition to announcing Apple Pay this morning, Target is finally supporting other mobile-based payment systems. Both Google Pay and Samsung Pay users will be able to use their service of choice when shopping at the U.S. retailer.

Google Pay Stories January 17

Google Pay has added 17 new banks in the US in January 2019

If you stop and think about it, the number of banks and other financial institutions in the United States alone is almost uncountable, yet Google Pay seems committed to supporting them all. For the month of January, Google Pay has gained compatibility with 17 new US banks.

Google Pay Stories December 21, 2018

Google granted e-money, payment license to operate in Europe

As evidenced by the last several years, technology is disrupting the commerce industry. One area of interest is e-money, with Google just granted a Payment License that will allow it to operate throughout the European Union.

Google Pay Stories December 19, 2018

[Update: Up to 44] Google Pay has added 29 banks in the US in December 2018

Just in time for last-minute holiday shopping, Google has added over thirty new banks and credit unions in the US to its Google Pay mobile payment service in December 2018.

Google Pay Stories December 10, 2018

Google Pay is now available in France, w/ initial support from 6 banks and card companies

Google Pay, Google’s competitor to mobile payment services with strikingly similar names such as Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, is continuing its global expansion today with its entry into France.

Google Pay Stories November 28, 2018

Google Pay adds support for unannounced digital banking service T-Mobile Money

As we manage to do more and more tasks directly from our smartphones, the need for many traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and services has decreased. This has led to fully digital alternatives, even for things like banks. Today, a Google Pay support page has revealed that T-Mobile is re-launching their digital finance service under the name T-Mobile Money, with day one support for Google’s payment service.

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