Google Pay Stories November 12

Following its Spring event earlier this year, the new Google Pay app is launching another giveaway. Starting today, the Google Pay “Football Challenge” offers a reward of up to $25 for common tasks, as well as boosted referrals.

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Google Pay Stories November 5

The new Google Pay app is a stark departure from the version that came before it, and it’s no secret that it hasn’t been as big of a success as Google hoped. Now, the company is adding a new shortcut menu to the Google Pay app.

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You can get free cashback and rewards with these Google Pay promotions

Google Pay is a useful way to pay in stores without a physical card and to exchange funds between friends, but after being revamped in late 2020, it can do more. You can earn a lot of cashback and rewards with the new Google Pay app — here are which promos are available now and how to use them.

Google Pay Stories October 25

Google Pay users can get a second movie ticket for free w/ Regal Cinemas; here’s how

The Google Pay app rotates neat promotions all the time, and today, a new offer is getting started. Google Pay users can now get a second movie ticket for free with an offer from Regal Cinemas.

Google Pay Stories October 1

A report from the Wall Street Journal today reveals that Google has apparently abandoned plans for its “Plex” bank accounts that were announced alongside the refreshed Pay app last year.

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Google Pay Stories September 24

The ‘new’ Google Pay accrues 500 million Play Store downloads

After a few rebrands over the years, the wireless payment and loyalty card manager Google Pay has now surpassed the 500 million download milestone on the Play Store.

Google Pay Stories September 8

Google Pay for Wear OS is now available in 10 more countries for grand total of 37

With the launch of Wear OS 3 on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4, Google announced a wearable redesign of Pay as well as expanded international availability. Google Pay on Wear OS is now coming to 10 more countries.

Google Pay Stories August 21

At the end of June, Google Pay gained the ability to save and display COVID-19 vaccination cards on Android. More countries and states are letting people add this “COVID Card” to their Android phones.

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Google Pay Stories August 20

Back in March, a longtime Google vice president in charge of Google Pay and Next Billion Users left the company. That team was merged with Google’s shopping/commerce efforts, but a new report today points to the new Google Pay seeing slow growth and progress.

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Google Pay Stories August 13

Samsung products have always been a bit tricky when it comes to voice assistants since the company has its own Bixby offering but usually is required to still support Google Assistant alongside it. With the Galaxy Watch 4 series, the Wear OS-based smartwatches will be lacking Google Assistant entirely when they launch and might have to wait for Google Pay.

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Google Pay Stories August 11

Google Pay for Wear OS gets a facelift, works on Galaxy Watch 4; Messages app rolling out

While Google is moving on from older Wear OS products with the debut of its revamped platform, it’s not abandoning it. Today, Google has revealed that it is bringing a new Google Pay app and a new Messages app to Wear OS that will be present on Galaxy Watch 4, but also available soon to older Wear OS products.

Google Pay Stories July 27

Following the complete revamp of its app earlier this year, Google Pay is now getting a usability upgrade for Android users. Starting this week, Google Pay balance can be used for in-store NFC payments using a virtual card.

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Google Pay Stories June 30

Google has announced today that Google Pay is now capable of saving and displaying COVID-19 vaccination cards on Android, starting with select providers in the United States.

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Google Pay Stories June 21

The Google-created International Small Business Week is now in its second year, and various teams from across the company are launching new features to celebrate. This includes a Pixel-specific Google Pay promo when shopping at small businesses, faster YouTube ad campaign creation, and three free months of Pointy from Google.

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Google Pay Stories June 15

Old Google Pay Android app in US has lost P2P money transfers, transaction history [Update]

At the end of last year, Google launched a revamped Google Pay experience in the US, based on what was once the Tez app in India. Google is now warning that the older Google Pay apps on Android, iOS, and web will no longer be able to send and receive money.

Update: One month after losing access to sending/receiving money, the old Google Pay app is now entirely non-functional in the US, losing the ability to claim money and view transaction history.

Google Pay Stories June 14

If you’re heavily into cryptocurrencies, we have good news as you can now add your Coinbase card to your Google Pay account for wireless payments.

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Google Pay Stories June 8

Google Pay now supports SmarTrip card for public transit in Washington, DC

Google Pay has slowly been adding support for public transit cards over the past few years, and today, another is being added to the list. Google Pay users in Washington, DC, can now add the SmarTrip card.

Google Pay Stories May 11

At the end of last month, Google’s payments app gained a new tool for saving on groceries and expanded transit usage. The new Google Pay now lets you send money internationally to India and Singapore, with more countries coming by the end of this year.

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Google Pay Stories May 4

Did you complete the Google Pay Spring Challenge to redeem $30? [Poll]

Google Pay’s Spring Challenge ended yesterday, and we’re curious how many people were actually able to collect all five stickers to redeem $30.

Google Pay Stories May 3

Google Pay support is much more common and familiar on mobile than the web, but adoption is increasingly growing. To further that, a new and “improved” Google Pay button is working to increase click-through rates.

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Google Pay Stories April 29

Following its launch last year, the new Google Pay app is expanding its feature set. Google Pay is getting a grocery savings section, expanded support for public transit payments, and a better look at your monthly spending.

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Google Pay Stories April 28

You can get up to $45 through Google Pay as referrals are boosted until May 4

The new Google Pay app is full of rewards including special events such as the “Spring Challenge” that’s ongoing right now with a $30 reward. Now, though, Google Pay is offering up to $45 as it boosts referrals in a big way.

Google Pay Stories April 22

The new Google Pay app made its debut earlier this year, and now, it’s the default option. Now, Google Pay users can join in on a “Spring Challenge” that offers up a reward for some basic actions in the new app.

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Google Pay Stories April 16

[Update: Expired certificate] Some Google Pay users are seeing American Express cards removed

Google Pay works with a ton of banks and credit cards for in-store payments, but each card can be unlinked by the financial institution if required. Overnight, quite a few Google Pay users that use American Express cards have seen their methods of payment unlinked without clear cause.

Google Pay Stories March 31

After introducing its new version earlier this year in the US, the original Google Pay app will, for the most part, be shut down next week on April 5. That stemmed a since-updated “report” that the app’s death would also shutter support for Google Pay on Wear OS, but that’s simply not the case.

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Google Pay Stories March 8

You cannot currently review the new Google Pay from the Android Play Store

Last week, Google’s latest payment service left “early access” for those in the US. Besides being more easily downloadable, exiting beta means that users can leave public ratings. However, the Play Store is not currently letting users review the new Google Pay.

Google Pay Stories March 4

Back in November, Google completely revamped its mobile payments service to be more personal and helpful. The new Google Pay for Android launched in “early access” stateside, but it’s gone stable in recent days.

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Google Pay Stories December 16, 2020

The new Google Pay app brings new ways to manage your funds and exchange money between friends, but it also has a powerful rewards offering. Now, Google is boosting some rewards in the new Google Pay to $21 through the new year.

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Google Pay Stories December 15, 2020

New Google Pay gets simple dark theme on Android

The new Google Pay for the US launched almost a month ago in early access, and it’s now getting a straightforward dark theme on Android.

Google Pay Stories December 8, 2020

The new Google Pay comes with some pros and cons, but one big benefit is the addition of rewards. The automatic rewards are great, but at launch, some users were wary of how they worked. Now, we know that Google Pay rewards are powered by Rakuten.

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Google Pay Stories November 23, 2020

The new Google Pay app brings a ton of new functionality and makes some big promises, but it also has a couple of big caveats that weren’t widely known on launch day. Most notably, Google Pay is killing its web app in early January and adding a fee for instant transfers.

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Google Pay Stories November 18, 2020

Google Pay is now locked to only one smartphone at a time

Google is rolling out a new experience for Google Pay, but it comes with a major disadvantage. Google Pay is now locked to only one smartphone at a time.

Over the past year, Google has been working with banks and credit unions on co-branded checking and saving accounts. Google today is set to announce Plex Accounts, a “new way to bank in Google Pay.”

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Following a teaser yesterday, a brand new version of the Google Pay app is now available on Android, but it’s in an invite-only “early access” version right now. Here’s what’s new.

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Google Pay Stories November 17, 2020

For the past few months, Google Pay has been readying support for digital bank accounts, while there have been rumors of a broader revamp. Google tomorrow is unveiling this “new Pay app” with a video announcement.

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Google Pay Stories November 8, 2020

Back in September, Google Pay (Tez) received a Flutter rewrite that will serve as the service’s global foundation and expansion moving forward. Google is now introducing a new logo for the Pay app in India.

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Google Pay Stories October 26, 2020

The Pixel 5 is a solid if slightly overpriced and unspectacular device, but early issues are already manifesting. The latest shows that some Pixel 5 owners are unable to make payments using NFC and, therefore, Google Pay.

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Google Pay Stories September 25, 2020

For years the ability to spread the cost of a meal, entertainment, heck, even gas payments has been a necessary and frustrating evil. However, the rise of wireless and mobile payments means we now have more options for sharing those costs equally. Google knows the frustrations faced and is adding a “Split a Bill” feature for its Pay platform in Singapore.

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Google Pay Stories September 18, 2020

Two distinct versions of Google Pay exist today. The first is aimed at countries where NFC-based payments are widely adopted, while the other is for the Next Billion Users. That latter version of Google Pay, known as Tez, is getting a Flutter rewrite that will serve as the basis for global expansion.

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Google Pay Stories September 17, 2020

It looks like some users are now seeing a slight redesign of the Google Pay application mimicking that of the Cards & Passes pop-up window with a distinct lack of bottom tabs for browsing.

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Google Pay Stories September 2, 2020

Google Maps now lets you pay directly for street parking inside the app on Android and iOS. Leveraging Google Pay, the company partnered with Passport on this integration, which is first coming to Austin, Texas.

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Google Pay Stories August 26, 2020

Earlier this month, Fossil released a huge update for its latest Wear OS catalog, but an issue hindering Google Pay quickly popped up. Now, Fossil is restarting the fall update with a Google Pay fix in tow.

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Google Pay Stories August 3, 2020

Late last year, we heard our first inklings that Google was looking to get deeper into the financial world by partnering directly with banks. Today, Google and their first bank partners are announcing the arrival of digital bank accounts in Google Pay.

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Google Pay Stories June 29, 2020

Most people use Google Pay exclusively on their phones with the recent launch of Passes & cards further reducing the need to actually open the app. A Google Pay redesign on the web cleans up the desktop interface with very simple tabs.

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Google Contacts for Android has a very useful row of actions that lets you quick call, text, video, or email. Those in the US also have the ability to send P2P payments, but Google is planning on removing that functionality from Contacts.

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Google Pay Stories June 12, 2020

While primarily for in-store, contactless payments, Google Pay in recent years has expanded to encompass convenient airline boarding passes and transit tickets. An upcoming redesign will reportedly give the app a shopping focus in the US.

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Google Pay Stories April 24, 2020

While using a pre-release version of Android sounds like an exciting experience, we usually don’t recommend the average joe to install Developer Preview builds, as they come with flaws. One of the usual flaws, the inability to use Google Pay, is actually no longer the case as of Android 11 Developer Preview 3.

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Google Pay Stories March 2, 2020

The second Pixel Feature Drop is here and it brings a ton of new features with it, including one for Google Pay. Alongside the new “Cards and Passes” power menu option, Google Pay on select Pixel devices can add flight boarding passes using nothing more than a screenshot.

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