Google Pay Stories Today

The Google-created International Small Business Week is now in its second year, and various teams from across the company are launching new features to celebrate. This includes a Pixel-specific Google Pay promo when shopping at small businesses, faster YouTube ad campaign creation, and three free months of Pointy from Google.

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Google Pay Stories June 18

You can get free cashback and rewards with these Google Pay promotions

Google Pay is a useful way to pay in stores without a physical card and to exchange funds between friends, but after being revamped in late 2020, it can do more. You can earn a lot of cashback and rewards with the new Google Pay app — here are which promos are available now and how to use them.

Google Pay Stories June 15

Old Google Pay Android app in US has lost P2P money transfers, transaction history [Update]

At the end of last year, Google launched a revamped Google Pay experience in the US, based on what was once the Tez app in India. Google is now warning that the older Google Pay apps on Android, iOS, and web will no longer be able to send and receive money.

Update: One month after losing access to sending/receiving money, the old Google Pay app is now entirely non-functional in the US, losing the ability to claim money and view transaction history.

Google Pay Stories June 14

If you’re heavily into cryptocurrencies, we have good news as you can now add your Coinbase card to your Google Pay account for wireless payments.

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Google Pay Stories June 8

Google Pay now supports SmarTrip card for public transit in Washington, DC

Google Pay has slowly been adding support for public transit cards over the past few years, and today, another is being added to the list. Google Pay users in Washington, DC, can now add the SmarTrip card.

Google Pay Stories May 11

At the end of last month, Google’s payments app gained a new tool for saving on groceries and expanded transit usage. The new Google Pay now lets you send money internationally to India and Singapore, with more countries coming by the end of this year.

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