Google Pay Stories November 7

Borderless banking service TransferWise gains Google Pay support

TransferWise, the borderless banking service that allows you to create a local account in over 60 countries, has now officially added support for Google Pay.

Google Pay support comes to the combo-card system Curve

The multi-payment system Curve is now supported and usable with the Google Pay mobile payment system.

Google Pay Stories October 25

Google Pay v2.1 adds support for Pixel 4’s face unlock when sending money

Face unlock on the Pixel 4 is fast and (mostly) secure, but it has a few drawbacks. One of those is app support, but that’s slowly being fixed. Today, Google Pay has been updated to support face unlock on the Pixel 4 when sending money to other users.

Google Pay Stories October 14

Despite the name, Google Pay isn’t just about payments, but it also aims to let your Android phone replace other cards in your wallet like rewards cards and transit cards. The latest cards to join Google Pay are transit cards from Cubic, well-known for their Clipper cards in San Francisco.

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Google Pay Stories October 7

[Update: 4 more] Google Pay adds support for 16 more banks in the US, including E*Trade

Before you can use your debit or credit card with Google Pay, your bank needs to come to an agreement with Google. The latest batch of 16 US banks to support Google Pay includes E*Trade Bank.

Google Pay Stories September 19

Google’s efforts with payments for India were merged into the Google Pay app not long ago, and today the company is announcing a revamp. With the new “Spot” platform for Google Pay, businesses can craft an experience for their customers within the app.

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