It’s summertime in these here United States and while taking your family on a cross-country road trip to Walley World sounds like a great time, Royal Caribbean International would like you to reconsider. The company recently entered a partnership with Google’s Business View to provide would-be customers with virtual tours of its cruise ships. Loaded with blurred out pictures of guests, this panoramic sales pitch lets you check out activities like simulated surfing, zip lining, rock climbing and fine dining, all without the risk of contracting a mystery illness or being hijacked by pirates.

In an effort to get vacationers to open their wallets, the cruise liner also offers tours of its different boarding options, ranging from casual to downright luxurious. Although this interactive tour lets people sample a cruise ship from the comfort of their web browser (Google hopes you’re using Chrome), it also gives the search giant an idea of places you might want to visit for your next getaway, which is information that we’re sure the company can put to use. Who’s up for a virtual game of limbo?

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