Google has announced a couple of much requested features for Google Drive to improve the overall image editing process within Drive’s Docs, Slides and Drawings apps. Starting today, you’ll now be able to “reset an image” to quickly undo all previous edits:

Reset an image: Unhappy with the properties and formatting you applied to your image? You can now go back to the original with the reset image button. Open your document, presentation or drawing, select an image, right-click and select ‘reset image’ from the context menu.

Also available now is the ability to replace an image. Google explains: Change the image in your document, presentation or drawing without affecting the layout and formatting of the original image. Open your document, presentation or drawing, select the image you want to replace, right-click and select ‘replace image’. You can then use our image picker to select your next image.

Look out for these new features available now in Docs, Slides, and Drawings in Google Drive on the web.

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