You can now add a real thermal camera to a range of Android smartphones, with this accessory by Seek Thermal. The company sells the heat-seeking attachment for $199 on its website. Due to the design of the gadget, it will only fit in certain Android phones as standard, such as Samsung’s range of Galaxy phones and the Motorola Moto X. A full list can be found on the compatibility pages of Seek Thermal’s site, so check to see if your phone is suitable before buying.

Beyond the novelty of having a heatseeking imaging camera strapped to your smartphone, the utility of the product is uncertain. The company says the device has many uses, from fixing blocked pipes (by seeing the liquid inside) to artistic photography (such as taking heat-mapped pictures of your food).

You can make your own mind up as to whether its worth the $199 price tag, but it’s certainly cool. You can buy a unit from Seek Thermal’s website.

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