Twitter, one of the web’s largest social networks, was actually one of the first companies to jump on board with an app for Google Glass. But sadly, the app that launched initially in May of 2013, has disappeared from MyGlass and is no longer in development by Twitter. The news comes via a Reddit user who got in touch with Twitter support, and the company went on to say that it is no longer working on the app:

According to Glass support Twitter is no longer developing their Glass app. This was one of my favorite and most used apps on Glass. If you remove Twitter from your Glass it disappears from Glassware and there is no option to reinstall it.


Additionally, the app has completely disappeared from Google’s online MyGlass app hub. When the app launched, Twitter said “If you have Glass and want to start using Twitter, simply go to and turn on Twitter.” But it doesn’t appear that users can do that anymore, and since the app was Mirror API-only and not an actual APK, users are out of luck if they remove the app from their device.

The bad news here is not as much about Twitter dropping support for their Glass app. A third-party solution could likely be made to replace it relatively easily—as has been done on other platforms for years—and if there’s enough interest, Twitter on Google Glass will likely live on. The real unfortunate news for Glass is that such an influential name and brand has decided that there’s no need to develop for the platform anymore.


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