Inbox for GmailYesterday, Google announced that it was expanding support for Inbox to iPad, Safari, and Firefox users, but curiously left out from the expansion was Google Apps for Business and Education users. In a tweet recently, however, Google’s Senior Vice President of Android, Chrome, and Apps Sundar Pichai said that Inbox support will begin to roll out to Apps users “imminently.”

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While the expansion to Apps users does not appear to be live yet, we can assume “imminently” means it will happen relatively quickly. Google still hasn’t revealed its reasoning for leaving Apps users in the dark on Inbox for so long, especially when considering that they would probably benefit the most from the productivity features of the service. Back in January, Google shared stats on how Inbox was being used. The infographic noted that usage included about 70% Android, 28% iPhone, and 34% web users.

An invite is still required for Inbox at this point, so if you don’t already have one, be sure to send an email to to request one when Apps support goes live.

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