Inbox by Gmail Stories November 15, 2018

Earlier this year, on the coattails of the latest Gmail redesign, Google announced that it was shutting down Inbox by Gmail by March of next year. While this announcement should have been enough of a nudge to transition many users off the platform, Google is now giving a stronger push, and not all Inbox users are liking what they find on the other side.

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Inbox by Gmail Stories September 12, 2018

With the launch of the new Gmail earlier this year, many questioned the future of Inbox, the company’s experimental email client. Today, Google announced that Inbox by Gmail will be discontinued next year.

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Inbox by Gmail Stories June 27, 2018

According to a tweet today from the Inbox by Gmail team, an option to automatically redirect to has been removed. That means you’ll have to go directly to if you want to use Inbox as your primary desktop web browser email client.

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Inbox by Gmail Stories June 6, 2018

Google is removing ‘pick place’ and ‘someday’ snooze options from Inbox

Google’s Inbox email app is a tool that users either adore or absolutely hate, but it’s hard to argue that it doesn’t have some really handy features. One of its best is the “snooze” function, but now, Google is removing some options from that feature.

Inbox by Gmail Stories April 24, 2018

With the new Gmail for web thoroughly leaked, it’s clear that many of the upcoming features are coming directly from Inbox. In light of the upcoming redesign, many questions have arisen about that other increasingly niche email alternatives, with Google offering an answer today.

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Inbox by Gmail Stories December 15, 2017

Google’s Inbox makes it easy to unsubscribe from email lists you don’t read

When Google introduced Inbox, the app’s smart sorting and organization features differentiated it from the standard Gmail email client. Since launching, the app has been updated with new functionality like the ability to remind users to follow-up on sent emails. A new feature within Inbox, rolling out now, automatically detects when you haven’t read emails from a certain sender and offers to automatically unsubscribe you from the email list.

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