Inbox by Gmail Stories April 19, 2019

Earlier this month, Google’s Spring Cleaning killed off some beloved products, but none with more outrage from users than Inbox. The unique email app technically closed up shop on April 2nd, but workarounds kept it working for quite a while after. Now, it seems that the Inbox by Gmail app is officially dead.

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Inbox by Gmail Stories April 3, 2019

Inbox is dead, long live Inbox! Well, despite the love for Inbox by Gmail, it finally ceases to function for the vast majority and will now simply be a relic of email organization likely broken down and scavenged for parts by the real Gmail team.

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Inbox by Gmail on Android may live on a bit longer w/ older versions, root workarounds

Inbox by Gmail is officially dead. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be resurrected in a roundabout manner. Yes, you heard that right, at the moment you can still use Inbox simply by using an older version. Alternatively, if you’re confident enough (and rooted) you may be able to extend the lifespan of Inbox even further.

Inbox by Gmail Stories April 1, 2019

This Chrome extension brings the look of Inbox over to Gmail

Inbox is on its last legs, as the service is set to be killed off tomorrow. While there’s no true replacement out there yet, Gmail is where most users will end up. Now, there’s a free Chrome extension that makes Gmail for web look a lot like Inbox did.

On April 2nd, Google is set to kill off its popular email app Inbox. While it wasn’t for everyone, Inbox by Gmail built up an audience of diehard users, and many of them are not happy about its closing. That’s for good reason, as Inbox packed some truly useful features that still haven’t been replicated in Gmail. Here’s what Inbox features haven’t made their way to Gmail just yet.

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Google is notorious at this point for killing off products seemingly for no reason. Sometimes it’s a shame, other times it goes nearly unnoticed. In the next few weeks, though, Google is preparing to kill off quite a few beloved products including Inbox by Gmail, Google+, Allo, and its URL shortener.

Here’s a calendar of what’s coming and what’s being killed with Google’s “Spring Cleaning.”

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