OnePlus has been rumored to be working on some kind of new product for a while, and guesses tend to bounce back and fourth between it being a smartwatch and a tablet. Today, OnePlus founder Carl Pei has reportedly come out to say (via GSMArena) that the company is indeed planning on soon entering a new product category, but—hilariously enough—it’s not going to be a smartwatch—nor will it be a tablet.

There’s no telling what category OnePlus will be headed into next, but these comments supposedly made today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona do tell us one thing: OnePlus isn’t likely planning on venturing into the smartwatch market quite yet. And I guess they’re not planning on introducing a tablet in the immediate future, either.

So what could this mystery device be? My guess would be something small like a fitness wearable of some kind, or possibly even a virtual reality device (both of these have been recent trends). There’s really no way to know what the company has planned yet, but Pei supposedly said the device is coming in April.

As an aside, reports earlier today suggested that OnePlus is preparing its OnePlus 2 smartphone to be more “premium” than its predecessor, and rumor has it that the device’s price will be getting a bit of a bump as well. This would of course not constitute a new category for OnePlus, but it’s worth noting that the company probably has its next flagship in the pipeline to be unveiled in the coming months as well.

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