If you’ve been anxiously awaiting your chance to get the YotaPhone 2, today comes with great news. The device isn’t launching today, but Yota Devices has announced that its super-battery-saving e-paper back YotaPhone 2 will indeed be coming to North America this Summer. And it will be doing so via an Indiegogo campaign that’s scheduled to launch in April.

The YotaPhone 2 was first announced at the Mobile World Congress, but it wasn’t at this year’s event—no, the 2nd generation YotaPhone was announced almost exactly a year ago at MWC 2014. The company then announced in December of 2014 (more than nine months after the phone’s unveiling) that it was planning a release in Europe within a month (which happened), and a US release at some point early this year. Now we know that “early 2015” is now “Summer 2015”, at least according to the YotaPhone website.

The news was first reported yesterday by PhoneScoop, which claimed that the device will be compatible with LTE on GSM carriers—specifically AT&T and T-Mobile—and will priced around $600. Additionally, we can expect that incentives will be available to early backers of the YotaPhone 2, and that the device will be making its way to retailers like Best Buy soon after a successful campaign. Yota is reportedly “hard at work” on getting Android 5.0 Lollipop ready for the device, and PhoneScoop says that Yota also has a white version of the device planned for “late summer.”

For more information and to keep updated on the latest on YotaPhone 2’s North American launch, you can head to the YotaPhone website and sign up to be notified when early bird orders (with “exclusive pricing”) open up to the public.

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