imageThe Samsung Gear Live was one of the first Android Wear devices to launch (alongside the LG G Watch), but now—almost a year later—the device is no longer available for purchase through the online Google Store. It’s “no longer available for purchase,” according to its product listing

The watch started dropping off in international availability yesterday (it was removed from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and Spain) but it was still available in the United States and the United Kingdom until today. Now, the smartwatch is gone worldwide and no longer listed in the Android Wear section—and it likely won’t return.

The original LG G Watch has been unavailable for some time now (and has been seeing sales through third-party vendors at ridiculously low prices), and that leaves the LG Watch Urbane, G Watch R, the Moto 360, Sony’s SmartWatch 3, and the ASUS ZenWatch as the only devices still available.

Google I/O is right around the corner, and we’ve been hearing whispers for quite some time now that Motorola’s next Android Wear device is right around the corner. What the other OEMs have in store is yet to be seen, as well, and we can almost surely expect to start hearing more over the next few months.

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