Logitech, maker of the popular Harmony series of remotes, announced in a blog post today that it is partnering with Google-owned Nest for deeper integration between their respective products. Logitech says that owners of the latest Harmony remotes can now have all of their entertainment devices automatically power off when a Nest Protect alert begins to sound.

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For those unfamiliar with it, Nest Protect is a smart smoke detector that in addition to sounding an alarm, also speaks to users warning them of the situation. The device offers a variety of features, including steam check, carbon dioxide detection, an accompanying app, and much more.

Integration with Logitech Harmony remotes is a useful feature for those who use products by both companies. The integration means that you will always be aware of the situation if your Nest Protect begins to sound. Since all connected entertainment devices, including TVs and gaming consoles, will automatically turn off when an alert is played, users will promptly look into the situation as opposed to waiting around.

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