nest protect Stories December 9, 2020

Last September, Made by Google started offering refurbished products at slightly discounted prices. The two initial offerings went out of stock quite a long time ago, and the US Google Store is now expanding the refurbished lineup to include Nest smart home products.

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nest protect Stories July 4, 2020

Back in November, the Nest to Google Account migration began to improve 2FA security, as well as provide “seamless product integration” between smart home and Assistant devices. The Nest Protect wast not included in that initial transition, but Google in recent months has promised that the oversight will be addressed.

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nest protect Stories April 4, 2018

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I’ve been Nest-ifying my house lately. First came the Nest Thermostat E, then came the Nest Secure, then came a couple Nest Cam IQs (still working on installing the outdoor model…), and this week I’ve topped things off with a Nest Protect.

I’m going to dive deeper into my experiences with Nest Cam and Nest Secure in forthcoming episodes, but this morning I felt compelled to write about the most recent addition to the group: Protect. Actually, I haven’t even “used” it, and that’s part of the point I want to make here.

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nest protect Stories January 3, 2017

Nest Protect now integrates with GE appliances to detect cooking fires and shut off

First released in 2014, with a second generation available a year later, the Nest Protect is a smart fire alarm that works well with an ecosystem of third-party smart home devices. At CES 2017, GE announced a new integration that allows Nest Protect to detect fires in appliances, take measures, and quickly alert homeowners.

nest protect Stories November 23, 2015

Nest announces Black Friday promos for its Thermostat, Cam, & Protect smoke + CO alarm


Starting later this week you can expect some notable Black Friday deals on Nest’s rarely discounted smart home accessories. Leaked ads and early sales from major retailers have given us a good idea of what types of deals to expect from Nest, but now we’ve received the full lowdown:

  • $50 off if you buy a Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect, at
  • $30 off Nest Cam at Amazon, Best Buy, Sam’s Club,, & other retailers
  • $50 gift card if you buy a Nest Learning Thermostat or Nest Protect at Amazon, Best Buy, Sam’s Club,, & other retailers

All of the discounts are set to go live starting Thanksgiving day at 5pm PT and run until November 30 at 11:59pm PT.

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nest protect Stories July 20, 2015

Nest Protect (2nd gen) now available in 5 new countries via the Google Store

The 2nd generation Nest Protect has only been available in Canada and the United States since its launch, but Google today added five new countries to the product’s availability list on the Google Store. As of today, customers in Belgium, Canada, France, Ireland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the United States (except Puerto Rico) can purchase Nest’s new CO2 detector.

In case you missed it, Nest unveiled the new Nest Protect last month, and with it comes a new split spectrum sensor to detect different kinds of smoke, a new smoke chamber to prevent false positives, new software features, and the opportunity to get a discount on home insurance. It’s available on the Google Store and from for $99 (although currently out of stock through the former).

nest protect Stories June 17, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.13.16 PM

A couple new hardware items have just hit Google’s online store – the just-announced Nest Protect (2nd gen) and Nest Cam, and Razer’s Forge TV.

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Following the Nest Cam outed by Best Buy earlier today, Nest did in fact take the stage this morning to announce its new lineup of products. Besides the Nest Cam, Tony Fadell and company showed off the 2nd generation Nest Protect smoke detector, a new mobile app for Android and iOS that brings all of the company’s new products together, and more. Unfortunately, the company’s flagship Nest Thermostat didn’t get any hardware upgrades today… expand full story

nest protect Stories May 21, 2015

Nest Protect black

Logitech, maker of the popular Harmony series of remotes, announced in a blog post today that it is partnering with Google-owned Nest for deeper integration between their respective products. Logitech says that owners of the latest Harmony remotes can now have all of their entertainment devices automatically power off when a Nest Protect alert begins to sound.

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nest protect Stories September 4, 2014

Nest Protect black

Shortly after Google acquired Nest, Tony Fadell’s company behind the smart thermostat and smart smoke/carbon monoxide detector, the company ran into a patch of unrelated issues with its Nest Protect product launched months earlier with reports of false alarms from many users and an issue with the ‘wave to dismiss’ feature touted as a key benefit of the product. A soft recall later followed remotely disabling the dismiss feature after a safety bug was discovered followed by a reduced price once it went back on sale.

While the ability to motion to dismiss an alarm is still disabled as the company works toward better implementing it reliably, current and future Nest Protect owners will benefit from new features delivered through a software update for the product. Steam Check, a feature that takes advantage of the device’s humidity sensor and an advanced algorithm, now allows the Nest Protect to distinguish smoke from steam by determining the presence of moisture. Steam from hot water shouldn’t be a reason to panic, and the Nest Protect says this feature will reduce the number of false alarms for users. expand full story

nest protect Stories June 16, 2014


Update: The Nest Protect is also now available on the Google Play Store for the same $99 prices. Previously, the Nest Thermostat was the only Nest device available from Google.

Earlier this year, 440,000 Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors were recalled following the discovery of a critical safety flaw that could accidentally deactive the system. Today, Nest has put the Protect back on sale at a reduced price of $99—previously $129. However, the “wave” feature that allowed the user to disable the alarm with a hand gesture has been removed.

In the blog post announcing the return of the Protect, the company boasted some of its safety statistics and recounted the story of one Nest Protect user who was alerted to the presence of carbon monoxide in his home by the device, which saved his life. Nest’s Doug Sweeny writes:

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