Thanks to a tweet sent by OnePlus, we have reason to believe that something special will be unveiled next Monday, June 1st. Nobody is really quite sure what to expect, with someone here at 9to5Google even suggesting that the placement of ‘time’ in the tweet might be a subtle suggestion of a new watch, but it seems more likely that it’s the OnePlus 2.

We recently reported here on the appearance of a mysterious device from OnePlus appearing in GeekBench test results. That device looked to be running Android 5.1 with an 8 core processor clocked at 1.55GHz. The unit had a model number of A2001, while the original OnePlus One has a model number of A0001.

OnePlus long ago confirmed that they were working on the OnePlus 2 and that it was slated for “sometime in 2015,” with a more specific Q3 timeframe pegged by reports at Bloomberg. June is the last month in Q2 so maybe they’ll announce June pre-orders with a July or August launch?

What do you think they’re announcement could be? Is it the OnePlus 2 or something else completely?

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