No, it wasn’t Moto Maker launching in India – it is another way to potentially get your hands on your own custom-designed Moto X, though.

Yesterday we saw Motorola India’s Twitter account teasing something special to come on June 15th, implying that customers would be able to do some designing themselves with captions like “Artistry is as artistry does. Fancy doing something to show off your arty side? Find out how on the 15th of June.” And while it was easy to assume that these tweets were referencing a launch of the company’s phone customization service Moto Maker, available in several countries allowing customers to customize every aspect of their Moto X from the trim color to onboard storage size, they sadly were not.

Instead what Motorola India announced is My Moto Logo, a contest in which individuals can create their own illustration of the iconic Motorola “Batwing” M logo, with the six best ones being made into real-life bespoke Moto X’s.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.24.30 AM

Motorola has downloads on its website with the Batwing so you can open it up in your graphic design editor of choice and get to adding the illustration that will surround it, but keep in mind that only individuals in India are eligible to participate in the contest. It runs until 11:59PM on June 25th (timezone not specified) and all the other rules are available on Motorola’s website.

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