India is a large, fast-developing country where cash is still the predominant payment method for everything from paying for cabs to refilling on smartphone data. Large multibillion dollar upstarts like Uber arrive in the country and find that it’s only once they add cash payment that their businesses really take off, and so it’s no surprise that Google is jumping into the fold through the arrival of Google Play prepaid cards in India.

These gift cards should start showing up in select Vijay Sales and Spice Hotspot stores in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata & Jaipur. They will be available in denominations of INR 500 (US$7), INR 1000 (US$15) and INR 1500 (US$23), and can be paid for with any payment method these stores allow.

Redeeming the cards is as simple as visiting this page and inputting the redemption code on the back of the card. It’s believed that direct carrier billing might come to India sometime soon, but there’s no word from Google on that just yet.

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