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March 2012 - November 2019

Before the unified Play branding, Google had the Android Market, Google Music, and Google eBookstore. Google decided to merge and rebrand its individual digital offerings into the Play Store in March of 2012.

The Play Store is now the default place to purchase apps, movies & television, music, books, and news subscriptions for all Android devices. The latter four offerings having their individual Android and iOS apps to watch, listen, and read purchased content. Most content can also be accessed through the web.

In April of 2016, the suite of icons were redesigned in a similar style to provide a consistent look across all devices and the web.

Google Play Stories November 11, 2019

Following up on the same event from 2018, Google Play has just opened up voting for its Users’ Choice awards for 2019. Open for the next two weeks, this gives users the ability to vote for some of their favorite apps.

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Google Play Stories August 29, 2019

In 2017, Google launched the Play Security Reward Program to encourage researchers to find vulnerabilities in first and third-party applications. The initiative now includes all Android applications with over 100 million installs.

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Google Play Stories July 1, 2019

Google has updated its developer content policy on the Google Play Store to immediately ban any applications that sell or help assist in the sale of marijuana or products containing THC.

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Google Play Stories March 6, 2019

Google Play’s Rewarded Products format lets Android gamers watch ads to earn in-app items

Mobile games today are predominantly free-to-play with developers making a living from ads or in-app purchases. Google Play is introducing new Rewarded Products today that will help creators earn revenue when players watch ads to earn free in-app items.

Google Play Stories March 4, 2019

Google handing out $1 Play Store credits to some users to celebrate 7-year anniversary

March 2019 marks the 7-year anniversary of the launch of the Google Play Store. To celebrate, the company is offering up free $1 Play Store credits to some users on Android.

Google Play Stories December 17, 2018

Play Store’s machine learning based anti-spam system removes millions of reviews per week

The Play Store has a problem with spam, there’s no way around it. With causes ranging from apps that borderline beg users for reviews and companies that pay for fake reviews, it’s obvious something needed to be done. This year, Google has acknowledged all the spam and finally has begun to do something about it by creating a machine-learning-powered anti-spam system to remove fake reviews from the Play Store.

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