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March 2012 - January 2021

Before the unified Play branding, Google had the Android Market, Google Music, and Google eBookstore. Google decided to merge and rebrand its individual digital offerings into the Play Store in March of 2012.

The Play Store is now the default place to purchase apps, movies & television, music, books, and news subscriptions for all Android devices. The latter four offerings having their individual Android and iOS apps to watch, listen, and read purchased content. Most content can also be accessed through the web.

In April of 2016, the suite of icons were redesigned in a similar style to provide a consistent look across all devices and the web.

Google Play Stories January 8

In the days since the attack on the US Capitol this week, social network Parler has been put into the spotlight. Now, Google has suspended the Parler app from the Play Store on Android, citing the app’s lack of moderation as a reason to remove it.

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Google Play Stories July 13, 2020

[Update: Fixed] Samsung Wearable sideloads the Samsung Pay APK, breaking Google rules

Samsung’s various smartwatches are some of the best choices for Android users, but they come with the caveat that you have to install several apps to get them up and running on non-Samsung devices. That includes the individual install of Samsung Pay on your phone, but now Samsung is breaking Google’s terms of service by attempting to sideload the Samsung Pay APK from the Wearable app.

Google Play Stories June 8, 2020

To help fill the “app gap” on Chromebooks, Google brought the Play Store and compatibility with Android apps and games to just about every Chromebook model. Now, Google is adding a new section to the Play Store to showcase “premium” Android games on various Chromebook devices.

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Google Play Stories April 16, 2020

With many now staying at home 24/7 to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Google has been pushing health and fitness apps through the Google Play Store. On your Android phone, you’ll be able to see collections of various types of health apps, and on Android TV, Google is also pushing at-home workouts.

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Google Play Stories April 6, 2020

Google extends Play Pass trials to 30 days for a limited time

Google Play Pass makes hundreds of apps and games free for Android users, and now Google is offering a special deal to get you to try it out. For the next few weeks, Google Play Pass is offering an extended 30-day trial.

Google Play Stories March 27, 2020

Misinformation is spreading like wildfire in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and one source of that has been the highly controversial Alex Jones and his Infowars outlet. Today, Google has finally taken action against the Infowars Android app, removing it from the Play Store.

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