App Launcher

The familiar Google App Launcher that you may or may not use on a daily basis — found on Google’s many web properties — has four rows of icons and the ability to move them around to organize them the way you’d like. You probably didn’t even notice when these features were added, but they’re nice to have. If you have a Google Apps account too, though, you may know that the App Launcher is stuck in the past for Apps users.

Google today announced that starting in July 6th, the Google Apps version of the Launcher will be updated to match the non-Apps version. There will be that appreciated fourth row of icons on the first page, and Google is also adding the ability to rearrange your apps. Google says that the apps that show up in your launcher will vary depending on the country in which you’re located.

If you’re not an Apps user, carry on. For the rest of us that are — myself included — it’s nice to see that Google’s making sure that features are consistent across accounts.

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