Kelly Brook is an English model. The HTC One M9 Gold Edition is a limited release One M9 for the UK market. Together they create…something. We’re not sure exactly what, though. The company is promoting the new phone with a video featuring Brook getting showered in gold paint and while it’s a cool video that many will no doubt appreciate, it’s not immediately obvious how the ad is actually trying to sell the device.

In its description for the video, Brook is quoted as saying the following:

“My HTC One M9 Gold on Gold is so much more than just my phone, it’s a great accessory that allows me to look stylish whatever I’m wearing and the gold colour adds instant glamour to my look. I’m a big fan of a selfie, and the HTC One M9 Gold on Gold’s amazing camera and beauty editing tools mean I always have the right lighting and filters to look Instagram-ready.”

The big finish, a swinging gold dress inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s iconic scene in “Seven Year Itch,” doesn’t exactly push your focal attention towards the phone:

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 12.42.07 PM

Either way, if you’re in the UK you can buy one of these gold One M9’s right now from carrier EE on their website. Still the same M9, not too dissimilar from its predecessor the One M8.

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