Huawei shared some of its financial results on Monday, showing a strong first half of 2015, and it has now shared one additional key piece of data: smartphone sales. Huawei told Reuters that it had shipped 48.2M smartphones globally in the first half of the year, up 39% year-on-year.

Our usual caution should be noted: shipments does not necessarily indicate sales. There’s no telling what percentage of those devices are sitting on warehouse shelves or in retail stores. But assuming there is some reasonable correlation between the two, it does lend weight to the earlier suggestion that the company is on-track for its target of 100M sales by the end of the year, as sales should increase significantly during the holiday season.

Huawei has had a rather troubled history in the U.S. thanks to unproven allegations of involvement in state-sponsored spying, exiting the country in 2013 (bar white-label products for other brands) before returning in 2014 with the Ascend Mate2.


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