Huawei Stories December 10

Huawei has decided to take on the AirPods much more directly with the FreeBuds 3, the companies own take on completely wireless earbuds but with some pretty notable enhancements.

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Huawei Stories December 3

Report: The Huawei Mate 30 does not contain any American-made parts

Despite trade bans and restrictions, Huawei is still seeing growth and it now appears as though the reliance on US firms is becoming less of an issue as the Mate 30 has been made without any American components.

Huawei Stories November 25

Huawei is still in a sticky situation with the US, but that’s not stopping the company from debuting new products. Today, Huawei has launched its new MatePad Pro flagship tablet which is basically an iPad Pro clone.

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Huawei Stories November 18

[Update: Until February] Huawei granted 90-day license by US, pushes full ban back

Huawei has been operating for the past three months on a “general license” that gives it the ability to continue limited work with some US companies. As Huawei is still on the US Entity List and that license has just expired, the US Government has confirmed a 90-day extension that will prevent a full ban on the company.

Huawei Stories November 15

Huawei’s Mate X foldable smartphone was announced just weeks after the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but the two products have had wildly different rides in the time since. Now, after months of delays, Huawei has finally launched the Mate X.

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[Update: Potential 6-month reprieve] Report: Huawei’s US trade ban could be relaxed ‘very shortly’

Huawei could soon get a huge break from the ongoing trade bans, as in an interview with Bloomberg, US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross has stated that licenses “will be forthcoming very shortly.”

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