Google teased some kind of #paywithaphoto Google Photos promotion last week, and now it looks like the food trucks are rolling out. The first locale luckily able to participate is New York City, and you can see the full schedule, running until August 2nd, below.

The Mountain View company really wants you to check out the Google Photos searching features, and they’re willing to give you free food if you do. Basically, you’ll be given a challenge to find a photo based on a keyword search, and if you can do it fast enough, you get a free waffle.

Admittedly, using the #paywithaphoto hashtag was and is a bit misleading for most. I assumed with the original tease that Google was looking to introduce some kind of new payments product that somehow incorporated photos. As Google said, that’s obviously not the case.

If you’re not in New York City, Google has said that Portland, Los Angeles and Austin are up next.

(Image via Stephanie Grayson)

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