Google Photos Stories February 17

Google Photos adds more Memories collections including stadium-focused ‘Roar of the Crowd’

Clearly Google wants you to forget about the previous year with a number of brand-new Google Photos Memories collections now rolling out including a sports-focused “Roar of the Crowd,” the beach-focused “Sand and Sea,” and dessert-heavy “Tasty Treats.”

Google Photos Stories February 11

Google One primarily serves to give you more storage space for Gmail, Drive, and Photos. Last year, the subscription added a VPN and is now providing all Android users with access to “enhanced” Google Photos editing tools and filters that were previously only available on Pixel phones.

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Google Photos for Android getting advanced video editor with cropping, filters, and more

Last August, Google introduced a new video editing experience in Photos for iOS. Google Photos on Android will soon see that revamped video editor with more advanced tools and granular customization.

Google Photos Stories February 10

Google Photos adds ‘Out to play’ Memories collection aimed squarely at proud parents

Google Photos “Memories” section is a nice way of surfacing photos and videos that you might have captured, uploaded, and then completely forgotten about. A brand-new collection within Google Photos is now showcasing children-themed Memories called “Out to play.”

Google Photos Stories February 8

Google Photos gaining pinch-to-zoom for videos

Despite the “Photos” name, the Google Photos app is capable of managing both still images and videos. Now, Google Photos is improving its video capabilities by adding pinch-to-zoom along with a double-tap gesture.

Google Photos Stories February 3

One of the biggest changes you’ll find in Android 11 is one that sits behind the scenes. Scoped Storage is a major security upgrade for the OS, but it has some slightly irritating side effects. On Google Photos, for example, Android 11 devices put up a second prompt when trying to delete a photo, but now there’s a workaround.

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