Google Photos Stories August 7

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Google Photos is rolling out a minor update to its Android app that clarifies the workflow for deleting images. This new process adds an explicit delete confirmation screen that might cut down on errant and accidental button presses.

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Google Photos Stories July 27

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Google Photos appears to have removed 2,000 photo limit for albums

Google Photos is arguably one of the best cloud backup services for images. Its biggest downside, despite allowing for unlimited “high quality” photographs to be backed up, is that there is a 2,000 photo limit for albums. Thankfully, that limit appears to be going away…

Google Photos Stories July 18

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Google Drive has had a desktop syncing tool for years on both Mac and Windows, but up until recently, syncing Google Photos across devices had been a more difficult task. With the release of the new Backup and Sync tool, however, it’s become easy to sync files of all kinds from Google’s cloud services to a computer.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Photos Stories July 12

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After a delay late last month, Google’s Backup and Sync desktop app for Mac and Windows is now available for download. With this revamped client, only one application is needed to back up files on a desktop to Google Photos and Drive.

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Google Photos Stories June 28

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Two of the biggest Google Photos features announced at I/O 2017 are beginning to rollout today. Suggested Sharing automatically recommends images to send out, while Shared Libraries allow whole collections to be continuously forwarded to another person.

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Google Photos Stories June 27

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At I/O 2017, Google announced a number of updates that were coming to Photos later this year. Until then, the Android app appears to be testing a new sharing interface that is better optimized for selecting multiple images at a time.

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