Google Photos Stories August 4

Google Photos is regaining two pretty important toggles for skipping and rewinding playback when enjoying your video content.

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Google Photos Stories July 27

[Update: More widely rolling out] Android TV’s Ambient Mode adds Google Photos support

Unlike Smart Displays, Android-powered televisions not in active use will just cycle through generic images and artwork. Some Android TV users are now reporting that the Ambient Mode is picking up support for Google Photos.

Google Photos Stories July 7

Two weeks ago, Google introduced a major Photos revamp for Android and iOS. The latest Google Photos experience is now rolling out on the web with a slight navigation redesign that removes the hamburger button.

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Google Photos Stories June 29

Back in May, Google quietly marked the fifth anniversary of Photos with direct album sharing. Google Photos today is now getting a big redesign that modernizes the mobile app’s look, and very notably its icon.

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Google Photos just got a fresh new design, and it’s getting a couple of functional improvements. With its latest updates, Google Photos will stop backing up pictures from messaging and social media apps by default, as well as adding a mute button for videos.

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Google Photos Stories June 25

Google Photos is perhaps one of the company’s most successful services to date with millions of users relying on it to keep their photos safe and easy to access. Now, it looks like Google Photos is getting a new logo to reflect the “simplified” experience it offers in 2020.

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