Google Photos Stories November 14

Google Photos replacing ‘Assistant’ tab with ‘For you’ and ‘Manage your library’

This month, Google Photos redesigned the “Info” menu and added album sorting. The picture backup and editing app is now renaming the “Assistant” tab to “For you” and moving some functionality into a new “Manage your library” feed.

Google Photos Stories November 11

First spotted in September, Google Photos for Android is now widely rolling out a redesigned bottom sheet menu for viewing image info and taking actions. It replaces the old overflow implementation for a much cleaner and more centralized interface.

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Google Photos Stories November 2

Google Photos for Android rolling out sorting in Albums tab

Over the past several weeks, Google Photos has gained a story-esque Memories format, more print products, and the ability to control Smart Displays. The latest feature is minor, but you can now sort the Albums tab in Google Photos for Android.

Google Photos Stories October 29

Google Photos adds whimsical Halloween Easter Egg

With All Hallows’ Eve kicking off in two days, Google Photos is getting in on the action with a fun Easter Egg. Searching “Halloween” on Android and iOS yields a delightful little trick (or treat).

Google Photos Stories October 22

Google Photos appears to be working on some handy new features. Discovered this week, a new drawing tool may be soon debuting in Google Photos alongside a new account switcher.

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Google Photos Stories October 21

As recently reported by our sister site 9to5Mac, a recent photo format loophole currently gives iPhones free unlimited Google Photos storage, while the Pixel 4 was left without the same ability.

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