Google Photos Stories January 4

The Android share sheet is slow and clunky, with Google promising a “much faster” redesign in a future version of the OS. In the meantime, Google Maps and News have adopted a faster sharing menu design that is now being tested by Google Photos.

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Google Photos Stories December 29, 2018

From face recognition to fingerprints, biometric data is widely used in today’s consumer technology to sort through pictures, unlock phones, and more. Some states have passed privacy laws to govern usage, with the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) in Illinois allowing individuals to seek damages. A lawsuit involving Google Photos was just dismissed in a win for the company.

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Google Photos Stories December 28, 2018

Google Photos suggesting ‘Best of 2018’ photo book as Google News recaps ‘Year in News’

The year is rapidly coming to a close and Google’s various services over the past few weeks have released recaps. Google News is now offering users a “Year in News” collection, while Google Photos is suggesting “Best of 2018” photo books.

Google Photos Stories December 20, 2018

Google Photos increases Live Album limit to 20,000 photos and videos

Back in October, Google Photos introduced the new Live Albums feature that would identify people and pets and automatically create photo and video albums with a 10,000 photo and video limit. That has now been doubled to 20,000 thanks to a Live Albums update.

Google Photos Stories December 19, 2018

Google Fi gifting subscribers one free photo book from Google Photos

Google Fi has had a big month — if not year — after dropping its “Project” status and expanding to all Android devices and the iPhone. However, the Google MVNO is still sticking to holiday traditions with a free photo book from Google Photos for subscribers.

Google Photos Stories December 12, 2018

Google Photos now blocks unsupported video formats from unlimited storage

A change to Google Photos now means that any unsupported photo or video file types will now take up space on your Google account from December 6, 2018.

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