Google Photos Stories January 15

One of the biggest perks of early Google Pixel smartphones, outside of the camera itself, was the ability to back up every photo and video from the phone to Google Photos in original quality completely for free. Now, though, Pixel 2 owners are losing their unlimited Google Photos backup.

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Google Photos Stories January 7

Google One may soon offer free trials of increased storage

The latest update to Google Photos points to the app offering a free trial to Google One’s increased storage quota.

Google Photos Stories December 30, 2020

Google Photos generating straightforward ‘Year in Review’ story, 2020 photo book

Earlier this month, Google announced that the carousel at the top of Photos would add more memories and designs. Google Photos is now using that to serve your Year in Review and generate a 2020 photo book.

Google Photos Stories December 25, 2020

Just got a new Android smartphone for the holidays? If it’s your first one it could be a little intimidating so, to get you started, here are 5 apps you should immediately install or set up on a new Android device. Alternatively, if you’re not already using these apps, it might be time to give them a shot!

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Google Photos Stories December 22, 2020

The end of the year is a time for reminiscing, and Google is doing that in a substantial manner following a team up with Nickelback to release a Photos-themed parody of Photograph.

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Google Photos Stories December 21, 2020

Material Gallery collaborative app migrating to Google Photos storage, quota

Material Gallery is essentially Google Slides for designers wanting to upload mockups and screenshots for collaborative feedback. Google is now moving Material Gallery’s backend to Google Photos early next year.

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