Google announced earlier this week that it will be turning its Map Maker tool back on in six countries after shutting it down due to misuse and map vandalism three months ago. Along with the relaunch of the tool, Google has implemented some new checks to ensure that the system isn’t being abused.

Starting this week, Map Maker will be available again in Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, India, the Philippines, and Ukraine. In each region, select mappers who have previously demonstrated a commitment to accurately updating Google’s maps have been selected to function as regional leaders who will be able to moderate submissions in their area. An automated review process will also check all submissions, while Google employees will look over only a handful.

Some parts of the editor will continue to be unavailable. Mappers will not be able to add new polygons or edit the shapes of existing ones in order to avoid a repeat of the last incident. However, polygon names will still be editable.

Google says it plans to reopen the Map Maker in other countries over the next few weeks. An exact timetable hasn’t been made available.

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