If you’re an early adopter of Android 6.0 Marshmallow and liked the new wallpapers, there’s one thing about them you’d probably never have guessed. The wallpapers from the latest mobile OS from one of the largest tech companies in the world were created using … paper.

In a post on Google’s design blog, the company shares some behind-the-scenes images of how the images were created using paper, paint, ink and powder – and there’s something quite charming about it … 


The Marshmallow [wallpaper] plays up subtle shifts in tone and texture instead of relying primarily on bold color shifts. As Kleiner describes it, “We wanted to work with surfaces that have a subtle and sophisticated texture, organic to the touch and graphic in composition… Painted surfaces, color pigment powders, floating ink and the like.”

Google limited the color palette to its core brand colors, plus various shades of grey. Check out the behind-the-scenes gallery below.

Google is also offering two “exclusive” wallpapers for download, in blue and red.


You can download the blue one here and the red one here.

Via Mobile Nations

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