Along with its brand new Binge On unlimited video streaming, and double data Simple Choice plans, T-Mobile has also announced that the Galaxy Note 5 is now available in a fresh new coat of paint. T-Mo is now selling the Gold Platinum version of Samsung’s flagship phablet in both 32GB and 64GB flavors. Previously, T-Mobile only offered the black and white models.

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You can order the Galaxy note 5 in gold on EIP with $0 down and 24 monthly finance payments of $29.17, or grab it with T-Mo’s JUMP! on Demand leasing program for as little as $15 per month as long as you trade in a phone. What’s more, if you use code NOTE5DEAL at checkout, you’ll get $50 off the full retail price. That’s $699 for the 32GB model and $779 for 64GB. Order direct from T-Mobile here.

It’s worth noting that if you want to save a little money on the Galaxy Note 5, you can pick up the black version on Amazon for just $633. What’s more, you’ll get it without T-Mobile’s preloaded bloatware and services.

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