T-Mobile Stories March 27

T-Mobile, AT&T, Cricket add $15/mo plans with 2GB of data during coronavirus pandemic

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, millions are losing their sources of income and need to stay connected remotely more than ever before. To help customers stay connected, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Cricket are adding super-affordable 2GB plans for $15 per month during the coronavirus pandemic.

T-Mobile Stories March 16

Google’s Pixel 4 series hasn’t exactly been the most successful offering the company has had so far, but it’s still available from all major carriers and online stores too. Now, though, the Pixel 4 XL has weirdly disappeared from T-Mobile’s online store.

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T-Mobile Stories February 27

Google Fi already using T-Mobile’s 5G network on supported phones

Last February, Google announced an expansion of its MVNO partnership with Sprint to include 5G. Google Fi now looks to already be leveraging T-Mobile’s 5G network on devices like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

T-Mobile Stories January 24

T-Mobile launches its own line of ‘GoTo’ accessories for OnePlus, Samsung, more

Most people tend to use a case or screen protector with their smartphone, but sadly, a lot of people also massively overpay for those accessories at carrier stores. Today, T-Mobile is launching its own line of accessories called “GoTo” and, for the most part, pricing isn’t too bad.

T-Mobile Stories December 20, 2019

eSIM is still a pretty new technology but, slowly, carriers are starting to adopt it. Google has supported the feature on every Pixel since the second generation and now, Pixel 4 owners on T-Mobile can take advantage of eSIM.

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T-Mobile Stories December 2, 2019

T-Mobile launches 600 MHz spectrum 5G across the United States

T-Mobile is going all-in on the 600 MHz 5G spectrum after turning on its 5G network in areas of the US that should give over 200 million people access to superfast data speeds.

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