T-Mobile Stories July 29

T-Mobile REVVL 6 and REVVL 6 Pro are gigantic budget Android phones from $170

Budget Android phones are a dime a dozen, but T-Mobile’s self-branded REVVL lineup has proved somewhat decent, and even rather successful over the past few years. This week, T-Mobile has announced the REVVL 6 series, which are truly massive smartphones.

T-Mobile Stories April 26

Just over a year ago, Google and T-Mobile (in the US) announced that they were working together on Pixel, RCS, and YouTube TV. Google One is also part of the partnership and T-Mobile customers will soon be able to pay $15 per month for Unlimited Google Photos backup.

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T-Mobile Stories December 29, 2021

Google TV launched in late 2020 on the Chromecast, but it’s seen slow adoption in the time since with Sony, TCL, and Realme getting on board. Now, though, T-Mobile has quietly announced the TVision Hub, which is the second Google TV streaming stick to be sold in the United States.

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T-Mobile Stories December 16, 2021

T-Mobile is handing out $10 Google Play credits to Google One subscribers

T-Mobile has been offering better support for more and more Google services as of late, including the recent arrival of a special Google One tier just for T-Mobile customers. Now, T-Mobile is handing out free Google Play credits as a gift to its subscribers.

T-Mobile Stories October 4, 2021

T-Mobile and Google are working together on everything from smartphones to software, and today the two companies are announcing a bonus that will give T-Mobile customers access to an exclusive Google One tier that saves a few bucks.

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T-Mobile Stories September 20, 2021

T-Mobile CFO says Samsung devices are in ‘short supply,’ customers loved the Galaxy Note

The ongoing chip shortage has hurt countless companies, and Samsung hasn’t been shy when talking about feeling the effects, even saying it was a primary reason for skipping the Galaxy Note this year. Now, T-Mobile CFO Peter Osvaldik has put Samsung on blast over the short supply of devices and clear dissatisfaction over the lack of a Note.

T-Mobile Stories June 30, 2021

T-Mobile’s REVVL V+ 5G smartphone looks a whole lot better than it should for $199

T-Mobile has been selling its self-branded “REVVL” smartphones for a few years now for entry-level customers, and today, it’s launching a new option with 5G support for just $199.

T-Mobile Stories April 20, 2021

T-Mobile brings Android 11 to its popular and affordable REVVL 4+

The prepaid market is huge and very competitive, but T-Mobile’s self-branded REVVL series has proven to be rather popular to date. This week, the T-Mobile REVVL 4+ has picked up its Android 11 upgrade, something we’re always glad to see on cheap Android phones.

T-Mobile Stories April 13, 2021

After months of silence it seemed all but certain that CCMI, a project from all major US carriers to bring RCS to the masses was probably dead, but now a report seems to confirm as much. The Cross Carrier Messaging Initiative for RCS is — probably — dead.

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T-Mobile Stories April 7, 2021

Just announced for the US today, Samsung’s Galaxy A32 5G is available through a potentially sweet promotion at T-Mobile. As a part of its latest “Uncarrier” move, T-Mobile will give you a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G for free with the trade of literally any other phone.

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T-Mobile Stories March 29, 2021

Google and T-Mobile today announced a big partnership that sees the carrier promote key services like RCS, Google One, and YouTube TV, as well as the Pixel line.

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T-Mobile Stories February 8, 2021

Google’s monthly update on Monday primarily addressed the Pixel 4a 5G’s edge touch recognition issues. However, the February security patch also added support for T-Mobile Standalone (SA) 5G on that phone and the Pixel 5.

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T-Mobile Stories December 24, 2020

[Update: Free replacements] T-Mobile will kick devices that don’t support VoLTE off of its network in January

Carriers are evolving their networks to better support new technologies, and as a result, some phones are being dropped off. Now, some T-Mobile documents reveal the carrier has plans to drop any phone that doesn’t support VoLTE in just a few months.

T-Mobile Stories November 18, 2020

T-Mobile put random OnePlus pop-up stores around the US, you can win $5,000 by finding them [U]

T-Mobile is the only US carrier offering the OnePlus 8T, and now the two companies are putting together a fun contest where you can win a phone, some earbuds, or up to $5,000. Here’s how.

T-Mobile Stories November 4, 2020

Last week, T-Mobile announced a new effort to bring live TV to its customers. The carrier’s mobile customers now have access to an affordable live TV streaming platform that’s available starting today, as well as an Android TV dongle that’s designed especially for it. I’ve spent a few days trying out T-Mobile TVision, and while the service is solid, the Android TV-powered Hub isn’t very enticing.

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T-Mobile Stories October 27, 2020

Streaming was supposed to be the more affordable answer to traditional live TV, but the example of YouTube TV has shown that even that can get pricey. Today, T-Mobile has announced TVision, a live TV streaming service that starts at $40/month.

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T-Mobile Stories October 15, 2020

Verizon skips the OnePlus 8T as T-Mobile gets a special variant

The OnePlus 8T arrived yesterday as the successor to the OnePlus 8 from earlier this year. However, this latest launch won’t be sold quite as widely. Verizon has confirmed it won’t be selling the OnePlus 8T, but T-Mobile is enhancing its version.

T-Mobile Stories July 23, 2020

Google’s Android TV platform has been used time and time again by operators, and it seems another is about to join the fray. As evidenced by an FCC listing, T-Mobile is working on a new “T-Vision” device that appears to be running on Android TV.

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T-Mobile Stories June 2, 2020

T-Mobile Tuesdays giving customers a 3-month Stadia Pro trial

In addition to launching the free tier in April and including two months of Pro service, Google has handed out other trials to Chromecast Ultra owners and YouTube Premium members. As part of T-Mobile Tuesdays, the US carrier today is giving out three free months of Stadia Pro.

T-Mobile Stories May 26, 2020

Google’s initiative to bring RCS to every Android user has been a slow process, but it’s expanded quite a lot, even just in the past few months. Today, T-Mobile has announced a partnership with Google to bring RCS to every Android user on T-Mobile and Metro.

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T-Mobile Stories May 25, 2020

T-Mobile OnePlus 8 update brings support for additional 5G bands

For T-Mobile subscribers with the recently released OnePlus 8, we have some great news, as an update is rolling out right now for your device bringing support for new 5G bands.

T-Mobile Stories April 22, 2020

Sprint Galaxy S20 buyers get access to T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network soon

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series is the first collection of widely available 5G devices on the market in the United States and carriers are excited to bring that to customers. While we still don’t advise buying a phone just for 5G, there are perks. This month, Sprint users who bought a Galaxy S20 are getting access to T-Mobile’s 5G network.

T-Mobile Stories March 27, 2020

T-Mobile, AT&T, Cricket add $15/mo plans with 2GB of data during coronavirus pandemic

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, millions are losing their sources of income and need to stay connected remotely more than ever before. To help customers stay connected, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Cricket are adding super-affordable 2GB plans for $15 per month during the coronavirus pandemic.

T-Mobile Stories March 16, 2020

Google’s Pixel 4 series hasn’t exactly been the most successful offering the company has had so far, but it’s still available from all major carriers and online stores too. Now, though, the Pixel 4 XL has weirdly disappeared from T-Mobile’s online store.

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T-Mobile Stories February 27, 2020

Google Fi already using T-Mobile’s 5G network on supported phones

Last February, Google announced an expansion of its MVNO partnership with Sprint to include 5G. Google Fi now looks to already be leveraging T-Mobile’s 5G network on devices like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

T-Mobile Stories January 24, 2020

T-Mobile launches its own line of ‘GoTo’ accessories for OnePlus, Samsung, more

Most people tend to use a case or screen protector with their smartphone, but sadly, a lot of people also massively overpay for those accessories at carrier stores. Today, T-Mobile is launching its own line of accessories called “GoTo” and, for the most part, pricing isn’t too bad.

T-Mobile Stories December 20, 2019

eSIM is still a pretty new technology but, slowly, carriers are starting to adopt it. Google has supported the feature on every Pixel since the second generation and now, Pixel 4 owners on T-Mobile can take advantage of eSIM.

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T-Mobile Stories December 2, 2019

T-Mobile launches 600 MHz spectrum 5G across the United States

T-Mobile is going all-in on the 600 MHz 5G spectrum after turning on its 5G network in areas of the US that should give over 200 million people access to superfast data speeds.

The OnePlus 7T made its debut in the US last week, but the slightly upgraded OnePlus 7T Pro isn’t coming here. Today, though, T-Mobile has announced that it will get the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition sometime later this year.

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T-Mobile Stories October 25, 2019

Here’s a shocker. All four major US carriers — Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile — have just announced that they’re joining forces to deliver RCS messaging in the US for Android smartphones in 2020.

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T-Mobile Stories October 14, 2019

John Legere confirms T-Mobile Pixel 4 in cheeky Instagram and Facebook post

The T-Mobile US CEO John Legere has essentially confirmed the Pixel 4 will come to the carrier via a series of not-so-subtle Facebook and Instagram posts.

T-Mobile Stories October 7, 2019

OnePlus 7T will cost $25/month as a T-Mobile exclusive, available October 18

The OnePlus 7T launched in late September, but the company isn’t done with new devices or details. Ahead of another launch event later this week, T-Mobile is confirming that it will carry the OnePlus 7T exclusively, with pricing details and a launch date also confirmed.

T-Mobile Stories July 25, 2019

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold won’t be carried by T-Mobile upon re-release

The whole Galaxy Fold debacle might finally be over. Last night, Samsung announced that it had fixed the Galaxy Fold and would be re-releasing the device later this year, but as it turns out, T-Mobile won’t be carrying the device at that point.

T-Mobile Stories July 19, 2019

The Google Discover feed is a handy way to keep up on your interests when it comes to news articles or even videos. On some of its self-branded smartphones, however, T-Mobile is now showing its own bloat alongside the Google Discover feed, but not in the way you might think.

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T-Mobile Stories July 10, 2019

T-Mobile launches budget own-brand Revvlry and Revvlery+ Android smartphones

While it’s common for carriers to launch their own branded devices, they often don’t grab much attention due to lackluster specs and end up being horrible. T-Mobile is looking to change that after announcing their own-brand Android-powered Revvlry smartphones.

T-Mobile Stories May 9, 2019

Google’s initiative to bring RCS messaging to Android phones is almost completely reliant on carriers, and that’s going just about as well as everyone thought it would. Today, T-Mobile has casually mentioned that the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a won’t support RCS messaging on its network.

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The OnePlus 6T was the first device from the “startup” to hit a major US carrier, and the OnePlus 7 Pro is set to be the second. Once again, T-Mobile has confirmed that it will carry the latest OnePlus flagship, the OnePlus 7 Pro, and it’s going to be exclusive to that carrier.

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T-Mobile Stories May 7, 2019

Since its debut, the only carrier that’s had the privilege of selling the Google Pixel line has been Verizon Wireless. That officially ends today, though, as Google has partnered up with T-Mobile and Sprint to bring the Pixel 3 and the new Pixel 3a to more customers on more networks.

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T-Mobile Stories May 6, 2019

Since the first model’s launch in 2016, the Google Pixel has been exclusively available — at least in the United States — either unlocked via the Google Store or purchased through Verizon. Now we’ve seen evidence that another US carrier, T-Mobile, could begin carrying last year’s Google Pixel 3, and possibly the soon-to-launch Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 as well.

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T-Mobile Stories April 19, 2019

The OnePlus 6T was the first device from the company to launch on a major US carrier with T-Mobile. OnePlus saw huge success from that, and it appears the company is gearing up to extend carrier support in the future. Some recent job listings at OnePlus hint at a launch on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.

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T-Mobile Stories March 9, 2019

T-Mobile OnePlus 6T gets RCS messaging support, Jan security patch with latest update

For anyone with a T-Mobile OnePlus 6T, the latest carrier locked device update is bringing with it RCS Messaging support and the January 2019 security patch alongside a few other extras.

T-Mobile Stories March 1, 2019

Android Pie approved for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 9, rolling out soon, Huawei Mate 10 Pro updated

Android Pie’s rollout has been slow, but as the third month of 2019 kicks off, we’re seeing more and more devices get the latest version of Android. To close out this week, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is finally getting Android Pie on T-Mobile, while the Huawei Mate 10 Pro is getting the update too.

T-Mobile Stories January 8, 2019

Users of the T-Mobile OnePlus 6T might want to skip the most recent update after reports that it seemingly disables key Google Pay and Play Protect functions.

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T-Mobile Stories November 28, 2018

T-Mobile launches mobile banking solution T-Mobile Money, available now on Android and iOS

T-Mobile, the self-titled “Un-Carrier,” is further separating itself from the competition by getting into the booming world of mobile banking with “T-Mobile Money.” The new service also comes with extra benefits for T-Mobile’s wireless customers.

Google Pay adds support for unannounced digital banking service T-Mobile Money

As we manage to do more and more tasks directly from our smartphones, the need for many traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and services has decreased. This has led to fully digital alternatives, even for things like banks. Today, a Google Pay support page has revealed that T-Mobile is re-launching their digital finance service under the name T-Mobile Money, with day one support for Google’s payment service.

T-Mobile Stories October 8, 2018

Google’s Pixel smartphones are pretty awesome, but they are also exclusive to Verizon in terms of carriers in the United States. Sure, you can buy one unlocked and it will work fine on most carriers, but that takes away from the convenience of buying through your carrier. Despite consumer outcry, it looks like, once again, a T-Mobile Pixel 3 isn’t happening this year.

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T-Mobile Stories August 24, 2018

T-Mobile has disclosed that hackers gained access to the personal data of some two million of its customers.

Compromised information includes names, zip codes, phone numbers, email addresses, account numbers and account types …

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T-Mobile Stories August 17, 2018

OnePlus has been growing a lot year by year, and its latest OnePlus 6 is the most popular device yet.  But given the company’s launch schedule, we’re not too far off from the OnePlus 6T, and today we’re getting some new details on that phone.

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