T-Mobile Stories December 19, 2017

Android Oreo is now rolling out to the T-Mobile version of the HTC U11 Life

HTC’s latest mid-range device, the U11 Life, arrived in the States as a T-Mobile exclusive, and now that variant of the phone is picking up an update to Android Oreo…

T-Mobile Stories December 13, 2017

T-Mobile acquires Layer3 TV, hypes plan to launch ‘un-carrier’ video service next year

T-Mobile has today shared that it will be entering the TV market next year with its own streaming service. To make this possible, the carrier has announced that it is acquiring Layer3 TV, which refers to itself as a “next generation cable company.”

T-Mobile Stories November 8, 2017

Nest Secure leveraging T-Mobile for cellular backup service, will be sold in retail stores

Back in September, Nest unveiled its first home security system. Set to launch this week, the Nest Secure will use T-Mobile in the U.S. as the “exclusive cellular backup provider,” with retail stores also selling the system as part of a bundle.

T-Mobile Stories November 7, 2017

Samsung’s Active series of smartphones have primarily been exclusive to AT&T since its debut. Now, after a few generations, that’s changing, as the company has announced that the ultra-rugged Galaxy S8 Active will be making its way to T-Mobile and Sprint later this month…

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T-Mobile Stories September 28, 2017

Before the water and dust resistant smartphone trend started, Samsung partnered with AT&T to introduce a ruggedized variant of the Galaxy S4. It was branded as ‘Active’ and we’ve seen a new model released every year following the release of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S line.

Since its initial appearance in 2013, though, it has primarily been exclusive to AT&T in the US (minus Sprint carrying the S5 variant back in the day). According to a new report, however, this may soon be changing…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

T-Mobile Stories September 22, 2017

Initial agreement for T-Mobile and Sprint merger may happen soon

A report this morning from Reuters shares that T-Mobile is “close to agreeing tentative terms” for a merger deal with Sprint after months of talks. News of a T-Mobile and Sprint merger have been floating around since May.

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