T-Mobile Stories October 15

Verizon skips the OnePlus 8T as T-Mobile gets a special variant

The OnePlus 8T arrived yesterday as the successor to the OnePlus 8 from earlier this year. However, this latest launch won’t be sold quite as widely. Verizon has confirmed it won’t be selling the OnePlus 8T, but T-Mobile is enhancing its version.

T-Mobile Stories July 23

Google’s Android TV platform has been used time and time again by operators, and it seems another is about to join the fray. As evidenced by an FCC listing, T-Mobile is working on a new “T-Vision” device that appears to be running on Android TV.

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Carriers are evolving their networks to better support new technologies, and as a result, some phones are being dropped off. Today, some T-Mobile documents reveal the carrier has plans to drop any phone that doesn’t support VoLTE in just a few months.

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T-Mobile Stories June 2

T-Mobile Tuesdays giving customers a 3-month Stadia Pro trial

In addition to launching the free tier in April and including two months of Pro service, Google has handed out other trials to Chromecast Ultra owners and YouTube Premium members. As part of T-Mobile Tuesdays, the US carrier today is giving out three free months of Stadia Pro.

T-Mobile Stories May 26

Google’s initiative to bring RCS to every Android user has been a slow process, but it’s expanded quite a lot, even just in the past few months. Today, T-Mobile has announced a partnership with Google to bring RCS to every Android user on T-Mobile and Metro.

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T-Mobile Stories May 25

T-Mobile OnePlus 8 update brings support for additional 5G bands

For T-Mobile subscribers with the recently released OnePlus 8, we have some great news, as an update is rolling out right now for your device bringing support for new 5G bands.

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