T-Mobile Stories January 8

Users of the T-Mobile OnePlus 6T might want to skip the most recent update after reports that it seemingly disables key Google Pay and Play Protect functions.

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T-Mobile Stories November 28, 2018

T-Mobile launches mobile banking solution T-Mobile Money, available now on Android and iOS

T-Mobile, the self-titled “Un-Carrier,” is further separating itself from the competition by getting into the booming world of mobile banking with “T-Mobile Money.” The new service also comes with extra benefits for T-Mobile’s wireless customers.

Google Pay adds support for unannounced digital banking service T-Mobile Money

As we manage to do more and more tasks directly from our smartphones, the need for many traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and services has decreased. This has led to fully digital alternatives, even for things like banks. Today, a Google Pay support page has revealed that T-Mobile is re-launching their digital finance service under the name T-Mobile Money, with day one support for Google’s payment service.

T-Mobile Stories October 8, 2018

Google’s Pixel smartphones are pretty awesome, but they are also exclusive to Verizon in terms of carriers in the United States. Sure, you can buy one unlocked and it will work fine on most carriers, but that takes away from the convenience of buying through your carrier. Despite consumer outcry, it looks like, once again, a T-Mobile Pixel 3 isn’t happening this year.

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T-Mobile Stories August 24, 2018

T-Mobile has disclosed that hackers gained access to the personal data of some two million of its customers.

Compromised information includes names, zip codes, phone numbers, email addresses, account numbers and account types …

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T-Mobile Stories August 17, 2018

OnePlus has been growing a lot year by year, and its latest OnePlus 6 is the most popular device yet.  But given the company’s launch schedule, we’re not too far off from the OnePlus 6T, and today we’re getting some new details on that phone.

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