Despite last month being the time when gifts are received (or rather selfishly bought for one’s self), Marshmallow’s distribution numbers increased very minimally. January’s Android distribution numbers were released today and includes data collected during a 7-day period ending on January 4th, well after when all the presents get opened.

Marshmallow currently makes up 0.7% of Android devices that access the Play Store. The 0.2% increase from last month is disappointing considering all the tech gifts that were likely given. Even Lollipop rose from 29.5% to 32.6%.

The other OS versions are down with 4.4 KitKat at 36.1% from 36.6%, though it still remains as the largest used version of Android. The three year old Jelly Bean is at 24.7%, while Ice Cream Sandwich is at 2.7% and Gingerbread at 3.0%. Froyo stubbornly remains on the list at 0.2%.

Android 6.0 is of course running on the latest Nexus devices and received a .X update last month. Motorola has released Android M updates for their latest flagship devices. LG and Samsung are still in the process of testing Marshmallow for their latest flagship with users in smaller countries being the first to download and update.


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