Google Drive’s web interface has been updated with a few tweaks to make it easier and quicker to organize files. A more prevalent ‘Move’ icon helps users place files into folders from anywhere.

After adding files to Drive, users can immediately add them to a particular folder. There is now a pop-up that lets you view and move around your folders to find the right one. The ‘Move’ icon is now more visible in the toolbar with the idea that people would be more likely to organize their files if the button is right there. If the file isn’t in your drive, there’s a move to ‘My Drive’ button.

Additionally, users can now drag and drop files into folders from search results. In the past few months, Drive has been getting more advanced search features. For instance, tapping the search box will drop down an option to look for things by file type and it is now quicker to go to advanced search. This feature is available on the web and in the Android and iOS apps. In the latter platform, users can now search for files using the iOS search bar without needing to go into the Drive app.


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