When OnePlus launched its second smartphone last year, it opted to do so without the Cyanogen-based operating system found on its first smartphone, the OnePlus One. Instead, it had been developing its own UI called OxygenOS which ended up being the out-of-the-box operating system for both the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X.

Today, the manufacturer has announced that it has finished building a custom version of OxygenOS for the original OnePlus smartphone, and it’s available to download now…

While OxygenOS 2.1.4 for the OPO shares many of the same features found in the OnePlus 2, there are a few deviations due to hardware compatibility issues. For instance, MaxxAudio’s sound technology and related apps were removed, and both the manual camera and RAW file format options were taken away too. Obviously, there’s no fingerprint support and there’s no screen temperature slider to alter the white tones of the display either.

It does, however, still feature Dark Mode which turns the entire UI black, with the option to choose an accent color to suit your tastes. Plus you get to install custom icon packs to really customize the look and feel of the user interface.

There are advanced App Permissions, and other features like double-tap to wake and gestures for launching various apps by drawing on screen.

For those looking for an easy download and installation over the air, sadly, that’s not available. But, OnePlus notes that the installation process should be “no more challenging than grilling a strip of bacon.” It requires downloading the files on to a desktop, and loading them on to the OnePlus One manually.

Users are reminded that following the instructions and installing the operating system will flash their memory. All data will be lost. They’re also advised not to flash the build through TWRP, it will almost certainly mean losing radio and IMEI. The OS launch comes with the following advisory:

Please note that we cannot guarantee the integrity of your device once you have unlocked your bootloader. We do not recommend going through these procedures if you are already rooted, and we strongly recommend using the package above including the OnePlus Recovery to minimize the risk of something going awry.

You can find further details and links to the download files and  instructions on OnePlus’ forum.

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