Q4 2015 Earnings Call - YouTube 2016-02-01 15-12-34

Alphabet has today posted its Q4 2015 earnings and fiscal year 2015 results. The company reports revenue of $21.3 billion, which is up 18%. Net income for Q4 2015 was $3.97 billion. Meanwhile, both Alphabet Class A stock and Class C stock is soaring in after-hours trading, briefly giving Alphabet the top spot as most valuable company in the world.

googl - Google Search 2016-02-01 15-09-22 

Of its total revenue, advertising consisted of right about $16.3 billion, with Google’s own websites accounting for about $12.4 billion. Advertising revenue is up 17 percent year over year, while that of Google’s own sites are up 20 percent year over year. Aggregate paid clicks rose 31 percent YoY, while cost-per-click rates fell 13 percent compared to Q4 of 2014.

Google is holding a webcast at 1:30PST/4:30EST further discussing its earnings for the fourth quarter of 2015, and you can find that stream embedded below.

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