Update: Turns out this isn’t Glass, but rather smart glasses made by a company called Pivothead.

At an NFL event marking the start of the Super Bowl festivities week, Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders was seen wearing a rather interesting wearable that may possibly be the next version of Google Glass.

The black wearable is large with a rather bulky piece extending behind his ear. Above the bridge of the glasses appears to be a camera. When asked by a reporter what his glasses are, Sanders says it’s “Google Glasses. NFL Network is doing something and they want me to wear the glasses and you’re pretty much getting recorded…”

According to an earlier report, the Denver Broncos are partnering with a company that builds software for wearable tech called CrowdOptic to stream and capture video of the players before the game. Their site says that they use Google Glass and other wearable technology. From the images of Sanders wearing the device, this is clearly not the previous version of Glass or the Enterprise Edition that we’ve recently seen.

Project Aura, led by Tony Fadell and Ivy Ross, has been working on the next incarnation of Glass, but earlier reports peg a final consumer version still being a year or two away. More recently, rumors have surfaced that Google is working on a device that looks similar to the previous generation, but also on an audio-only device.

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