Neverware makes Chromium OS, the open-source version of Chrome OS, easy to install on any PC or Mac. Unsurprisingly, it has gained traction with budget-strapped schools that have aging laptops laying around. While schools have to pay a license fee, it is free to download for everyone else and an update today adds a new dual-booting capability.

The new feature allows users to dual-boot into Chromium OS and their previous Mac or Windows operating system. In the past, installing CloudReady would wipe the previous OS and all other data. Neverware has detailed instructions on the installation, but all users need is an 8GB flash drive and the Chrome Web Store to install the Chromebook Recovery Utility.

Afterwards, a setup tool will guide users through the process and give them the option to setup dual-booting. Once finished, users will boot into an interface remarkably similar to Chrome OS. They will have access to the same web apps from the Chrome Web Store and Chrome OS conveniences like automatic updates and a fast boot time. Updates will automatically be handled in the background.

For those who have old hardware laying around, installing Neverware and Chromium OS could breathe new life into it and give you a fast computer for browsing.

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